It was so bad

November 19, 2008

I had a meeting last night and couldn’t make the game, but I was able to watch it on SportsNet through Center Ice.  I got home in time to see the Jackets already down 2-0, but it was early in the game and the Jackets did come back from the same deficit the last time out against the Oil  But not last night.

It was so bad that Leclaire couldn’t stop a beach ball rolled in from the red line.

It was …  Never mind, you get the idea.  It might be a historic game for the franchise, as in the beginning of the end in Columbus.  I love hockey, I own a couple of PSL’s that I bought the first day they were offered, I am friends with a lot of people employed by the organization, but last night was not good.  How on earth can anyone be persuaded to shell out $100 in this economy for two tickets to see a debacle like that?  The team is not going to win them all, but how about not losing so bad in front of the fans at home?

Either we have the wrong players or we have the wrong coaches, one or the other.  I tend to think that most of the players are the right ones but I don’t want to think about the other part of the equation.  And you can always make the case that as good as Rick Nash is, there is someone out there who is better.  But I’ll take Nash and Brassard and Leclaire and most of the others.

But do we have the right coaches?  Are the players listening to them?  Are we using the right strategy and tactics for the players that we have?  Are we playing 2008 hockey, or are we behind the times?  What is going on?  The players aren’t soft.  Anyone really think Jared Boll or Jake Voracek or Mike Commodore is soft?  We have guys who can put the puck in the net, like Nash, Brassard, even Chimera.  We have two solid goaltenders.  Are the players being used appropriately?

That was not pretty last night and after the home loss to Phoenix last week, I won’t even begin to make the case for buying tickets.

-Truth Serum

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