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All good things

December 4, 2008

Must come to an end.

It is with a certain degree of melancholy that I am announcing the end of the End of the Bench.  This decision has been brewing in some shape or form for almost 12 months now, and with a good deal of thought process behind me, the decision has been made to pull the plug.  I am enjoying myself much more on the couch these days, just sitting and rooting my favorite hockey team on to victories, losses, and all the minutes in between. 

My life has shifted from where it was when I started this site nearly three years ago, and while I love hockey and reading about hockey, I do not feel the burn to post regularly any longer.  To those who have made the End of the Bench a regular read; to those who took the time to comment and carry a dialogue with the authors; to those who joined the EOB team (Truth Serum); to those who linked to us; to those who put up with our real life rants and encouraged us to commit them to cyberspace: thank you.  It’s been a great ride.

The site will remain as is for now, so you can still go back and read all your old favorites.  But new posting will be non-existent.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  It’s been fun.

– Drew