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OK, I’ve calmed down.

July 4, 2008

I’ve caught my breath and had time to think about the Jacket roster moves over the past few days.  It’s not easy to take them in single servings, not knowing what else is going on or negotiated without all the servings on the dinner plate.  And as I write this, the team is working on other trades, so things could change even more.

First off, the team replaced David Vyborny’s numbers with Raffi Torres.  Torres is a tougher player who will certainly hit harder than Vyborny and will play adequate defense.

With the signing of Kristian Huselius, the team has picked up the numbers that Zherdev had and a little more.  Huselius won’t make me forget Nick and I admit that I think Z will get better, but he won’t have the mental lapses like Zherdev did, and will pass the puck a bit sooner and shoot quicker.

RJ Umberger will get his 20 goals and maybe (negative comment coming) get Jason Chimera to improve his game.  If Fredrik Modin can play a full season and get his 25 goals, things look bright.

On defense, the team certainly improved.  The team is now bigger, even if Kris Russell stays on the roster.  Ron Hainsey is gone, but it would have been interesting to see what kind of numbers he would have put up on this new 2008 team.  Tyutin is now the guy, unless Klesla can find more goals or someone like Clay Wilson can fill that role.  The team definitely is stronger at the blue line.  Can they score a few more goals?

Derick Brassard and Jakub Voracek have replaced Gilbert Brule and Dan Fritsche, even if they don’t make the team in October.   I liked Brule, but he needed a change of address and he too, will probably have better numbers in Edmonton.

Pascal Leclaire has to put up the same numbers and Fredrik Norrena has to improve his game.  Two or three more wins from Freddy would be great.

The team looks better now, but what about the other factors?  If the team can play as well as or better than last season, it needs to also play even against Nashville and win half those games.  It needs to continue to play well against Detroit.  It needs to win against Chicago and St. Louis and stay even with them in the standings.  Five more wins will go a long way, in the standings and at the bank.

The team is now different, but they are not out of the MacLean hole yet. They are on their way to fixing that with a few more roster subtractions and scouting changes. It will finally be Scott Howson’s team at that point, resembling a modern NHL franchise instead of a PEI social club.  That will be a nice way to show John McConnell our thanks and that we won’t forget him.

-Truth Serum


There’s losing and then there’s losing

April 4, 2008

What can you say about last night’s loss to the Red Wings except that it is symbolic of the whole season?  To quote the late Casey Stengel, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

At least Aaron Portzline got to slam Detroit.  Hey Aaron, I can show you some areas of Columbus that you can photograph.

-Truth Serum


What’s that smell?

March 23, 2008

That was a bad one last night.  Most of my fellow bloggers and members of the MSM are castigating the entire team with the exception of Rick Nash.  I agree that Nash had the best effort of any Blue Jacket last night, but the captain needs to stay out of the penalty box.  His two penalties did not help.  That was an Adam Foote-like game for Rick, except Rick can (and did) put the puck in the net.

It was tough to watch the game surrounded by Red Wing fans, but hey, at least their team showed up.  Congrats to the guy who sneaked in the octopus and threw it on the ice.  Good luck in the playoffs, Detroit.  You’re going to need it with Dominik Hasek in the nets.

At least somebody won a Garmin last night during the Tim Horton’s promotion.  Should have given a GPS to Hitchcock to help him locate a hockey team.

***Yesterday morning, the Blue Jackets had a little gathering for us PSL owners and it was nice.  We were all invited to watch the team practice and then hear Danny Gare, Jeff Rimer, and Ken Daniels, the Red Wings TV broadcaster.  All three men did a nice job of entertaining us and gently ribbing Ken Daniels.  Daniels was honored to address the Columbus fans and you could sense his appreciation.  He didn’t shout anything about Ohio sucking, either.
-Truth Serum


Dose of Reality #80

November 1, 2007

So, when does “it’s early” become “it’s too late”? Well, if history is any indication, many teams will have crossed that all-important line by Halloween.

This is from my post on October 16, 2007. We have just passed Halloween and the Blue Jackets have played 11 games and have 15 points. Only two teams have more points than Columbus, so has the team crossed that all-important line?

With their current record, the team is earning 1.36 points per game and that means 111 points for the season. I don’t think they will hit that number, but this is what I see. A team in the Western Conference needs to have 95 points to make the playoffs, although last year it was 96 points. With 71 more games left to reach 95 points, the Jackets need to play at 1.13 points per game to add to their 15 point total. Over the course of a season, a Western Conference team has to average 1.15 points per game. The Jackets haven’t crossed the “all-important line” but they are closer than a lot of other teams. Can they continue at this pace? The month of November looks a lot tougher than October, with three games against Detroit, and two each against Chicago, Nashville, and St. Louis I’ll take nine points in those nine games and hope for nine points in the five games that fill out the month. That would give them 18 points for November and a season total of 33 points in 25 games. That is a run rate of 1.32 points a game, more than enough to keep them in the hunt. Only six of the November games are at Nationwide, but two of them are with Detroit, and the way attendance has been so far, it will look like two Red Wing home games.

If you can come to any conclusions, it is that so far the team is keeping up its part of the bargain by playing hard every night. Will the fans keep up their part of the deal?

-Truth Serum


Previewing the Red Wings

September 25, 2007

In a continuation of the Central Division Preview Series headed up by Dave at Gorilla Crouch, this week it’s the Red Wing bloggers with their take on the upcoming season.

Gorilla CrouchDave asks his key questions about the upcoming season.

Behind the JerseyChristy sums up her thoughts on the Red Wings’ chances.

George Malik – Over at Kukla’s Korner, George writes the book on Detroit in ’07-’08.

Abel to Yzerman – IwoCPO injects his brand of humor in his look at the forwards.  Look around later today for his look at the defensemen and other personnel.

All seem to agree (and who am I to rock the boat?) that Detroit is the class of the Central.

If any other previews pop up, I’ll add them to the list.  Thanks for stopping by.


Central Division Preview

September 4, 2007

National Hockey League: Central Division Preview

Eleven bloggers who cover each team in the Central Division have gotten together to present our readers and NHL fans in general with a preview of the division.  The preview kicks off today with an overview of how the preview will work.  So today we are presenting you with an overview of each blog that will participate in the preview and the dates you can expect to read our coverage on each team in the division.

Without further ado here is the overview of each blogger:

Chicago Blackhawks

Chris – The Third Man In []

Chris will preview the Hawks in their second year under head coach Denis Savard.  The Third Man In has covered the Hawks since March 2007.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Bethany – Bethany’s Hockey Rants []

Bethany will preview the Jackets as second year coach Ken Hitchcock will attempt to lead Columbus to their first playoff berth in team history.  Bethany will also provide a preview for the St. Louis Blues.  Her hockey rants has been up and running since January 2007.

Drew – End of the Bench []

Drew is part of the triumverate of Blue Jacket bloggers who will preview Columbus.  He’s covered the Blue Jackets as well as the larger sports scene at End of the Bench since February 2006.

Sarah – Neutral Zone Trap []

Sarah’s coverage of the Blue Jackets, soccer, and…library book sales has been up and running since February 2007.

Detroit Red Wings

Bill – Abel to Yzerman []

Bill has provided his unique sarcastic takes Mike Babcock’s squad over at the emperor’s website since November 2006.

Christy – Behind the Jersey []

A Red Wings intern and #1 Steve Yzerman fan, Christy has covered the Red Wings since November 2003.

John & Steve – Gloveside []

The crazy band of northern Michigan bloggers provide coverage on – and write haikus about – Detroit’s hockey team.  They will also provide coverage of the Red Wings’ training camp in Traverse City.

Dave – Gorilla Crouch []

Dave provides coverage of the Red Wings as well as the general Detroit Sports scene.  He’s been blogging since September 2006.

George – Kuklas Korner []

George, who blogs for, also provides hockey coverage and commentary for Kuklas Korner.

Matt – On the Wings []

Canonical blogger Matt Saler has covered the Red Wings over at On the Wings since March 2003. 

Nashville Predators

Dirk (aka The Forechecker) – On the Forecheck []

Dirk provides in-depth statistical analysis as well as wall to wall coverage of the Predators.  He’s been blogging since July 2005, but back in the 1990’s he wrote for the online hockey magazine “In the Crease,” mostly covering the Detroit Red Wings.

St. Louis Blues

Bethany – Bethany’s Hockey Rants []

Bethany takes a break from her Hockey Ranting just long enough to preview the Blues.

So be sure to check out each preview to get the latest information, statistics, and completely biased opinions on each team in the Central Division.  One team will be featured on each of the following Mondays.  Here is the schedule for each team preview:

Sept 10 – Chicago
Sept 17 – Columbus
Sept 24 – Detroit
Oct 1 – Nashville
Oct 8 – St. Louis

We hope you enjoy the preview as we get closer to the drop of the puck and the start of the 2007-08 season!


Dose of Reality #61

July 10, 2007

Here is an idea that another blogger has thrown out: The return of Sergei Fedorov to Detroit. Ansar Khan blogged at Kukla’s Korner about the utterly useless signing of Dallas Drake by the Red Wings and then wrote that the Wings might be better off with Sergei in their lineup. If that were ever to happen, you can bet the farm that Fedorov would score a hat trick every time he suited up against Columbus and the boo birds of Detroit would be like Peter, denying that they ever turned against him. If a move like this doesn’t motivate Sergei, then maybe he should have retired two years ago. But I think he would thrive.

Now this is all the rambling of a single blogger and a Detroit blogger at that. But it does show that there is room out there to make some roster moves that would benefit BOTH teams if some GM’s get creative. Fedorov was and might still be one of the best players in the game and I hate to see him end his career in Columbus without much to show for it. If the Jackets can move him back to Detroit for a final season and pick up some prospects or cash, why not? After all, we once traded Kevyn Adams for Ray Whitney.

-Truth Serum