November 11, 2008

Some observations:

1.    With the NHL now taking notice of the Blue Jacket rookies, Derick Brassard and Steve Mason (don’t forget Jake Voracek), will the team get some National TV time?  Neither of them is in Sidney Crosby’s class, but they have made a grand entrance into the league and have to be taken seriously.  And they are fun to watch.

2.    Jason Chimera has changed his game a bit.  Teams can no longer count on him putting his head down and skating hard to the net for a three-foot shot.  He is taking advantage of his speed and strength and firing the puck from the top of the circles more and he has scored some nice goals.  A simple adjustment, but more goals.

3.    Fedor Tyutin has gotten better and shown his upside.  He will still make the giveaway or extra pass, but he has already made me forget Rusty Klesla.

4.    Kristian Huselius has produced as expected and is playing even better with Brassard and Voracek.  He is a scorer and even though he played well with Rick Nash, he can now be more independent playing on this other line.  I think being Rick Nash’s line mate means always being in a set-up mode for the captain.  Adjusting your game to feed a non goal-scoring (at this time) Nash had to be tough.

5.    I think the team will keep all three goalies for the time being.  Mason has the job until he loses it, Leclaire is ready to regain the limelight, and Norrena is their insurance, too expensive to play in Syracuse.  One of them will leave the team by Christmas, probably Freddy No.  If he isn’t traded or loaned, look for him to land in Europe, still under contract with the team.

6.    All in all, there are a lot of positives to see on the Jackets.  The team is winning without Rick Nash scoring, the back-up goaltender is now the #1 and then some, the defense is getting better and more confident, the power play can’t get any worse, and the NHL has stopped using Columbus games to instruct referees on the various calls they can make.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?  This weekend will not be easy for the team, so a win tomorrow over Phoenix would be a nice cushion.  The rest of the month is going to be tough, even Atlanta.  For those of you still with employment, get your butts down to Nationwide on Wednesday to see the game.  You get to watch the Jackets and see Wayne Gretzky on the visitor’s bench, well worth the price of admission.

-Truth Serum


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  1. Nash is still a factor with his play, the pucks just aren’t going in. Which in a way is even nicer that we aren’t loosing without his scoring … last year that was all we had …just think when they start to go in! I could do without stupid penalties (Modin) with 5 seconds remaining giving Calgary a power play to start the second period to tie it up. I don’t know how aggressive you need to be in that situation to get a penalty … you have control of the puck or fighting for it in the offensive zone behind the net and you trip a guy … that’s my biggest gripe … playing stupid … do coaches gripe a player out when that happens? … anyway .. I had the opportunity to get to both the Montreal and Calgary games over the weekend … so might be pushing it for the Phoenix game … a tot and marriage has put a damper on spontaneity … nesx game for me is in December.

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