Ten Powerplays for Columbus?

November 3, 2008

OK, the boys in TO must have felt sorry for Columbus, so they ordered the officials to cut the team some slack in the Chicago game.  And the Blue Jackets were given ten powerplays and converted one of them.  The generosity also included a very nice, long two-man advantage, nearly four minutes long.  But the team couldn’t take advantage of that or the fact that Chicago had a tough game the night before against Dallas.  So I guess I can blame Howson for this too, right?

Seriously, I was there and it was an OK game to watch, but you could see that the Jackets couldn’t put the Blackhawks away.  I don’t know if this is due to the lack of a killer instinct or because the team can’t recognize these situations, but to be competitive, you have to win these kind of games.  Because there will be games where you will be on the other side, praying for the final horn to sound.

The team has to go into Long Island tonight and take this game.  I’ll accept an OT or SO loss if the Islanders play over their heads, but the CBJ have to start making their own breaks.  No more crying about bad calls, or injuries, or suspensions.  They should feel at home tonight because the Islanders don’t draw any fans, either.  The building will be empty like Nationwide, but they have replays.

Get your message out, Hitch.  If the players don’t respond, we have a problem.

-Truth Serum

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