It was so bad …

October 28, 2008

It was so bad last night and the crowd was so small that Nationwide didn’t even open the large concession stand near section 119.  That’s right near the windows overlooking the Ice Haus. AEP complained about the loss of revenue from all the unplugged microwaves.  But what about the loss to the chemical food preservative industry?

It was so bad last night because the Ducks were very undisciplined throughout the first two periods, taking enough penalties to hand the game over to the Blue Jackets, but we still couldn’t win.  Coach Randy Carlyle had to tear up the post-game tirade he was all set to deliver to his players.  But he did think about texting it to Ken Hitchcock.

It was so bad last night that Syracuse called Scott Howson after the game and begged him not send any more players back to the minors.  The Crunch management said that Columbus was hurting hockey by assigning so many players who could not produce in the NHL to their team.

It was so bad last night that many Red Wing fans are selling the tickets that they purchased for the upcoming game in January.  Many asked if they could trade them for Mite House games at the Dublin Chiller.

It was so bad last night that Ken Hitchcock tried to unplug the game clock shortly after the third period started.

It was so bad last night that Adam Foote is thinking about dressing for the Aves game in Columbus.

It was so bad last night that the comments at Puck-rakers made sense.

-Truth Serum


  1. OK – this made me LOL. At least we can keep our sense of humor, eh?

  2. It was so bad, I forgot the game was on until 11:15 PM that night. When Mrs. EOB asked me to check the score online, I knew when I found it it would be a loss even though she told me that they were up 2-1 after two.

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