Wings over Stars, Pens over Flyers

May 7, 2008

I am going to go with Detroit over Dallas in this round.  Detroit has better offense and defense, but I would give Dallas the edge in goal.  But how long can Marty Turco hold his breath against the buzzing of Datsyuk and Zetterberg?  Can he hold up while Holmstrom and  Franzen park just outside the paint?  Detroit has shown an uncanny knack of getting goals from their third and fourth line players in the playoffs, which only adds to the pressure that Marty will face.  If Mike Modano can play like he was ten years younger and Brendan Morrow can play smart, Dallas has a chance.  But they will have to go through Detroit’s defense first, something Colorado couldn’t penetrate despite having the leadership of Adam Foote to guide them.  Detroit in six.

Now the Keystone State Battle will be fun to watch.  The Flyers have the edge in goal and I would say match Pittsburgh on defense, but the offensive edge goes to the Penguins.  Even if R.J. Umberger, favorite of local pucktards and fan-boys, (Why didn’t we draft him? they shout.  Answer; he was already taken.)  has another great series, the Pens can easily match him.  The question is, how will Pittsburgh handle the upcoming toughness of the Flyers?  If they let the Flyers get in their heads, they will be behind before they know it.  If they stay disciplined, the Flyers will have to try something else.  Look for the Flyers to make lots of claims about Sid the Kid diving.  Look for the Flyers to try and take out Evgeni Malkin by any means.  Pittsburgh in seven.

-Truth Serum

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