End of the Bench?

May 2, 2008

Some of you, like my mother and little brother, have noticed the lack of postings at End of the Bench.  Drew has not been posting much the last few months because of an extended stay in Marion, but he tells me that should change within two to four months.

I have been traveling and working a lot and it has taken its toll on me.  If you care to know, I am in the software business and work as a consultant.  I recently accepted an engagement with a very large, monolithic software company based in Seattle.  They have me working all kinds of hours, but billable hours nonetheless.  So other than working and flying, I don’t have much time for blogging.  I still play over the weekends, but I haven’t been watching much of the playoffs nor have I spent quality time in places that serve adult beverages while offering the games on television.  It has been real tough and the workload is not going to decrease in the foreseeable future.  I had to quit my other hockey team and turned down my officiating assignments.  I now read hockey blogs not for enjoyment but for information, even some of the local blogs written by and for pucktards and fan-boys.

I’ll see if I can get third round predictions up when the time comes next week, but it will be light from me over the summer.  Unless Adam Foote gets a contract worth more than $2 million, I won’t even bother writing about him.  Detroit got smart and benched Hasek and they look tough.  The Flyers have surprised and impressed me with their progress and they certainly deserve some respect, in spite of their fans.  Will Pittsburgh close out New York on Saturday?  Probably, but they are discovering that it won’t come easy from here on out.  And what about Dallas, once again playing the way they’re supposed to?

So enjoy my absence, but enjoy the playoffs.  Try to imagine Duvie Westcott carrying the puck on the attack, or Zenon Konopka trying his tough guy act, or some of the other Blue Jackets playing in the playoffs.  I can’t imagine it either.

-Truth Serum

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