Mr. Mirtle Comes to Capital City

March 29, 2008

Last night I met up with James Mirtle, he the Greatest Hockey Blogger in the Known World. I had my wife with me, so some activities were out of the question last night. We talked some hockey, I gave him a 30 second tour of the Arena District, and James was impressed, although he didn’t say anything about the need for a streetcar. He was able to purchase a Chimera hat for only $3 U.S., a great price considering Jason’s new contract.

The game was not a good one to see. It was over in a 1:38 span of the second period. The mounting losses to the Predators is something that even possesses the Jacket fans. When Nashville scored their second goal last night, a man behind me dejectedly said “It’s over!” There was still plenty of time left and Columbus was outshooting Nashville, but I have to agree with the guy, it was over. The Jackets may have taken 43 shots on goal, but how many of them were quality shots? How many squandered chances did they have? And how many minutes did they waste when they were unable to execute a simple breakout?

The other difference between the teams last night was that Nashville had to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. They did not play their best game against Columbus, but they still found a way to win. I am waiting for Ken Hitchcock to teach the Jackets this trait, a find-a-way mentality, something to trump the old “whatever” attitude that is killing the team. If we could have won just two more games against Nashville this season, we would be ahead of them in the standings. For some reason, the guys can’t get it done.

This afternoon, I watched the Miami-U.S. Air Force Academy game. Miami won in OT, 3-2, but it was inspiring to watch the kids from Air Force scare one of the top programs in the country. Miami players are pro prospects who have the opportunity to play at the professional level. The Air Force kids are going to serve the country when they finish playing. They live a dedicated and disciplined life, with hockey serving as an outlet while they train. They get a quality education in return for their service. The kids at the Academy don’t say “whatever”. Good luck, Miami, but way to go, Falcons.

-Truth Serum

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