What’s that smell?

March 23, 2008

That was a bad one last night.  Most of my fellow bloggers and members of the MSM are castigating the entire team with the exception of Rick Nash.  I agree that Nash had the best effort of any Blue Jacket last night, but the captain needs to stay out of the penalty box.  His two penalties did not help.  That was an Adam Foote-like game for Rick, except Rick can (and did) put the puck in the net.

It was tough to watch the game surrounded by Red Wing fans, but hey, at least their team showed up.  Congrats to the guy who sneaked in the octopus and threw it on the ice.  Good luck in the playoffs, Detroit.  You’re going to need it with Dominik Hasek in the nets.

At least somebody won a Garmin last night during the Tim Horton’s promotion.  Should have given a GPS to Hitchcock to help him locate a hockey team.

***Yesterday morning, the Blue Jackets had a little gathering for us PSL owners and it was nice.  We were all invited to watch the team practice and then hear Danny Gare, Jeff Rimer, and Ken Daniels, the Red Wings TV broadcaster.  All three men did a nice job of entertaining us and gently ribbing Ken Daniels.  Daniels was honored to address the Columbus fans and you could sense his appreciation.  He didn’t shout anything about Ohio sucking, either.
-Truth Serum

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