A Few Things Come to an End

March 20, 2008

The modest but entertaining two-game win streak ended last night late in the third period at Joe Louis.  The Blue Jackets were depleted with the loss of Boll and Fritsche and had to hope that Freddy Norrena could hold the fort, but it was too much for him.  Detroit had to be gunning for the Jackets because they didn’t enjoy the loss last Sunday after outplaying Columbus.  Saturday is crucial for the Jackets; a win over Detroit would give them the season series with four victories.  This is nothing major, just for pride.

David Vyborny’s season may be over and I hope that he gets another chance to wear a Blue Jacket sweater.  Although he is not having a good season this year, the man has give us his all since he arrived here in 2000.  He is an honest, hard-working guy, a player who keeps his mouth shut and does his job.  I hope that we get to see him again.

Pascal Leclaire himself has been stopped by a puck.  It is nice to see Pascal play a whole season and not get stopped by injury or a physical breakdown.  A puck to the head is nothing.  He’ll be able count to ten in English in no time.

Is Manny Malhotra just lucky or has he been misplaced all season?  Five goals in three games is nothing to sneeze at and it makes me wonder if Ken Hitchcock should have taken a different route with him.  Everybody who plays the Jackets focuses on Rick Nash and Nikolai Zherdev, so it is nice to see another player step up and put some biscuits in the net.  Way to go, Manny.

A highlight for me in the Sunday game with Detroit was the Tim Horton’s in-game promotion for the “Roll up the Rim to Win” contest.  Mike Todd was telling about 20 fans that one of them would win a Garmin GPS unit by rolling up the rim of their Tim Horton’s coffee cup.  We all waited to see which fan would get the prize, but something went wrong and nobody won.  Maybe they hid the Garmin in a Donato’s pizza box?

-Truth Serum

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