Oh my!

March 15, 2008

Last night was truly awful.  It was hard to watch and it was even harder to consider renewing my PSL’s for next season.  And I don’t want to even think about going over to Puck Rakers and reading the comments there, although you can’t blame them for ratcheting their negativity even higher.

“We were really light on the puck,” Hitchcock said.   No shit!  Light is perhaps not the right word.  I would think about using inept or incompetent.  Nobody gave a thought to playing defense in front of the goal or making a good breakout pass.  It was like watching a local high school game pitting one of the elite teams against one of the bottom teams.  Oh well.

I’m not going to rail against the players because they all have the talent to play the game at the NHL level.  Trading one set of problems away is not going to improve the team.  Ken Hitchcock is a good coach and a good motivator, but this has been a tough season for him.  Just when you think the team “gets it” and by that I mean they can go out and play with their skillset and brains, they leave their brains at home.  The brief shinning moments of December and January are just that, brief moments.  Last night they played like a team that has accepted its fate and didn’t want to compete.  And that is no way to break through to the next level.

Maybe Hitch has to send the team to one of those motivational camps like some of the other NHL teams do.  Send them to an Outward Bound program or West Point.  But I know one thing that Scott Howson and Don Boyd should do in the future; give all prospects an intelligence test and give it to them under duress.  If we find a guy who can show some intelligence and remain focused, then look at his hockey skills.

-Truth Serum

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