Arace Makes New Friends

March 9, 2008

I usually enjoy Michael Arace and look forward to reading his stuff, even when he ventures away from hockey. But I have to question his Saturday piece about Friday’s CBJ game being a perfect hockey night. I thought the perfect hockey night took place at The Chiller in Dublin, the dramatic CCYHA Mite House Tournament. As you remember, the weather on Friday was fierce, even discounting the wimpy Central Ohio standards. Brave parents drove their families out to Cosgray Road during the rush hour so that their children could play the scheduled Mite semi-championship games. Because The Chiller remained open as the snowstorm began, the games would go on as scheduled. So the Bruins and Penguins squared off for a fierce battle of seven and eight year-olds. The Penguins were regular season champs, but the Bruins hung with them and the game ended 2-2. After a tenacious three-minute overtime, the shootout began and went about 10 rounds before the Bruins won as their goalie held her ground. The Bruins won the right to face the Flyers at Nationwide Arena for the CCYHA Mite House Championship. If the Bruins goalie can play as well as she did Friday, it will be tough for the Flyers, but they are no slouches either. By the way, the championship has been postponed until further notice.

This was hockey as it was meant to be, with families doing all they could to get their young children to the rink under very bad weather conditions. They weren’t just Dublin area kids, either; they came from London, West Jefferson, Marysville, and points East. It was not easy for them to drive out there during rush hour, but these families love hockey and their friends, young and old. I am sure that the eliminated Penguins and Thrashers were disappointed, but as every parent knows, a small snack quickly eases the pain of losing, and after a cookie and drink, the kids were ready for their next game in the Fall. These are real hockey players and the future of hockey in Central Ohio. Maybe the people who rant about Ron Hainsey or David Vyborny should watch one of these games some time and discover the beauty and joy of the sport.

But Arace made a lot new friends in the Denver area who dispute his reporting of the Adam Foote escape. A lot of them site Bob McKenzie’s account of the escape and many wish that Arace would name his sources. I wouldn’t mind knowing who Arace’s “unnamed” player or NHL sources are, but I have a basic understanding of why he didn’t name them. Anyway, I’ve read a lot of McKenzie columns over the years and I notice that the same sources are sited by him.

I have yet to hear from Adam Foote himself, a clearing of the air, or a demand for an Arace retraction. In this post-Roger Clemens era, I don’t think a retraction demand will be forth-coming. So I think the issue is dead.

What did piss me off were some of the comments about the Columbus organization. So here I go: Colorado fans, we here in Columbus are doing something that you didn’t have to do and that is building a team from scratch. We didn’t have the luxury of a team spending ten years getting the kinks worked out and then relocating to our area. No, we don’t have any banners hanging in our rafters nor do we have a Joe Sakic. It will take a few more years before we can hang something and I think Rick Nash or Pascal Leclaire will be regular all-stars, maybe as good as Sakic. But the team tried to sign Adam Foote and then when they couldn’t, they granted his request and sent him to you. A writer for The Dispatch is the person who published an account of the Foote escape, not Scott Howson or John McConnell.

Anyway, that is the last you will hear from me regarding Adam Foote. Until he comes back next season.

-Truth Serum


  1. LOL Truth great stuff as always, nice note to the Avs fans. 🙂

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