I hate to even think it

January 20, 2008

But are the Blue Jackets of the last five periods (I’m writing this during the second intermission of the Colorado game), looking kinda familiar?  I think we see “this” team about 75% of the time away from Nationwide Arena.  It’s not pretty.

The guys in the paper and on TV would have you know that the Jackets vastly outworked the Stars in the 3-1 loss.  And after the first period of tonight’s game, it was mentioned by Adam Foote in the intermission interview that “we’re playing exactly the way we wanted to.  Even the goal was a screened goal.” (paraphrased). 

Now I’m not saying this is incorrect, especially Foote’s assessment.  The Jackets seemed to be leading play both yesterday and in the first period of tonight’s game.  But where is the line between snakebit and toothless?  Did they play four strong periods and suffer the injustice of chance, or do they lack a bit of the killer instinct on the road against decent teams?

I’m hoping the team can pick things back up, both in the third tonight and through the rest of the trip.  It would be nice to get some points out of the next few games.  I’m not sure the playoff hopes can survive without them.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.

– Drew


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  1. Is everything alright guys? It’s been a while.

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