A Whole New Attitude

January 12, 2008

I don’t know if it was Dickie Dunn’s Aaron Portzline’s blog about being chicken-sh*ts or word that Ogie Ogilthorpe Jordan Tootoo would not be playing tonight, but the Blue Jackets definitely have a whole new attitude!  They stood up to the Blues last night in their own building and let them know who is boss.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  After Puck-rakers pandered, I wanted to capture “the spirit” and write my piece.  It’s not like the pure poetry that Dickie Dunn writes, but I have been to a Canadian rink.

Despite three penalties by Adam Foote, the last one utterly mindless, the team won.  Nikolai Zherdev was Ned Braden-like with two goals, although had he scored on his chance in the second period, he would have been on every sports show in North America.  That was when he stole the puck at the St. Louis blue line, fought off a defender, and went in and nearly put it past Hannu Toivonen, the Blues’ goaltender.  That truly was a thing of beauty.

With Hyannis Port Nashville coming to town tonight, can the Jackets win two in a row?  Will the anti-Jody Shelley fan club come back?  Will the team send Kris Russell to Syracuse as some have called for?  Can a fan from Westerville truly understand hockey?  I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I hope that Tampa Bay gets a brain cramp and trades us Vinnie Lecavalier for Vyborny, Glencross, and Malhotra.

-Truth Serum


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  1. That shot Zherdev almost scored on had me fly out of my chair. He was on last night.

    Let’s see if they can finally put two in a row together.

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