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January 3, 2008

It’s 2008 and I don’t want to be lazy, but I’ve been working a lot and on the road. I made it to the Carolina and Edmonton games and watched the Anaheim game last night. I predicted at the beginning of the month that the Jackets would win seven games, but that they would also match up better against Nashville and Minnesota. The two losses to Nashville hurt them in the standings. If the Jackets are still in the hunt during the final week of the season, these two losses will haunt them.

I love the Blogs at The Dispatch, but the negativity of the fans is something else. I didn’t hear or read anything back in October that said the Jackets had made a quantum leap and would be a solid playoff team. What I remember is that the Jackets would be more like a .500 team, which can sometimes mean a playoff spot. So far, the team is living up to these words. When some of the commenter’s are called out, they claim that they played hockey in St. Paul or grew up in Toronto. I’ve been involved with youth hockey in this area since 1997 and I don’t see these experts helping out around here. We need coaches, officials, instructors, operations people, and others, so when I hear people make their claims of experience or expertise, I can’t wait to meet them.

A lot of people are talking about Gilbert Brule and his assignment to Syracuse. I hope it works out for him and that he can get his career back on track. He is a hard worker, down-to-earth, and talented. If it doesn’t work in Syracuse, he will be playing somewhere else next year.

The attendance at Nationwide has picked up some and that is good to see. The team plays much better in a full house and the game experience of the fans is much better. However, could the Blue Jackets please show some f*#@kin’ replays or highlights!? If I had a choice to spend $40 plus for a single seat at Nationwide or stay home with some friends and watch the game on HD and invest the $40 in food and beverages, the TV would win. Come on Jackets, take care of your paying customers. The worst example happened last week when Zherdev went coast-to-coast for his first goal against Carolina and Nationwide only showed him after he crossed the red line. Like his earlier puck movement was just a simple breakout.

If Adam Foote wants to be known as a leader, he better motivate a few of his teammates to play every game and focus on their jobs. It is disturbing to watch a few of the veterans play one style in one game and get quiet in the next. It starts with little things, like being on-side, keeping your composure, and not looking for a perfect pass all the time. Morning glories are not needed in Columbus. That last sentence was for all you experts out there: I will define a “Morning Glory” in a future post.

-Truth Serum


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  1. Gilberts Brule is a very talented plaey and something has stopped his progress. Coaching? Chemistry, Maybe both. A trip to the AHL will be a good trip but I think his time in Columbus has not been an enjoyable one. Like Bobby Carpenter out Peobody Ma. To get the best out of this kid Columbus should do their best to trad him for a high draft pick to Vancouver or Calgary as The Kid is a “Homer” some player are just that way. They play better for where they come from. He didn’t adjust to moving to the states and should play for a Canadian team. Small thing I know but it will make a difference. Bobby Carpenter could have been a HUGE MONSTER SUCCESS if he went straight to the BRUINS. It would have just happened. Kind of a reverse pressure as the kid already had pressure at home like BRULE and could hanlde and excel under that pressure in a familiar atmosphere. It’s a Chemistry thing but with the player. Columbus can not change it only time can and they need wins. I’d trade Brule to a Canadian Team. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, he would excel as a player and Columbus would get a good value for an excellent player and individual who needs to break out of his shell still…

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