Two More Losses

December 19, 2007

I need to take care of some business issues today and will post more later, but the Boston game was a dud and the game against Calgary was even worse. Yes, there were some referee issues, but the games were not very good. You can always inflate your shot totals if you take most of them from outside the circles, but the fans will wise up.

Speaking of fans, this is all I am going to say for now. I have been the one standing on a soapbox shouting about the low attendance numbers. But if the Blue Jackets play many more home games like they did last night, the building is going to be empty! I’ve seen more excitement at a local Mite House game. Ken Hitchcock said the effort was better, but Hitch, what about the execution? If the Jackets only have two guys, Nash and Zherdev, who can score, and the NHL has figured this out, then all they have to do is shut those two down and cruise to victory.

-Truth Serum

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