Jackets can’t hold on to the Stars

December 4, 2007

After establishing a one goal lead, the Blue Jackets had to kill a penalty to end the first period and repeated the scenario at the end of the second and late in the third. It would have been nice for the team to dictate the flow of the game during those three situations instead of giving Dallas some momentum. Although the game was called evenly with the penalties at five to five, the timing of the Jacket penalties was not the best. So the team had to settle for one point and let Dallas leave with two.

Last night and today, everyone is raving about Pascal Leclaire and Marty Turco, but I thought both of them got some breaks during the game. Both teams missed some scoring opportunities or failed to execute and both goalies, especially Leclaire, dodged some bullets with pucks hitting the posts or going just a bit high. Even though I disagree with the eminent Bill Davidge on this, I do want to know what happened to the position players last night. Were they that tired?

Dallas won a lot of the battles along the boards and did a great job of shutting down the Jacket breakout. It seemed like the Blue Jackets couldn’t get the puck out of their own zone for most of the third period. This had to make Darryl Reaugh ecstatic because the Stars kept the cannon from sounding and thus delaying the introduction of Beltone as the newest sponsor of the Blue Jackets.

I heard an interview with Jason Blake of the Toronto Maple Leafs and he was asked about the pressure of playing in Toronto. He agreed that the expectations in TO are far higher than nearly every other NHL city, but he also said that he loves playing in front of a full house with 22,000 fans every night instead of just 12,000. Although I hold to the belief that the Maple Leafs should be bagged and disposed of, its hard to disagree with Blake even if most of the Toronto fans have room temperature (Celsius) IQ’s and the entire parking lot for the ACC is handicapped. It would be nice if more fans (remember the 11/24 Detroit game?) attended and supported the Blue Jackets. It was tough to let the game slip away last night, but it was annoying to hear fans chant “O-H I-O” as they left Nationwide.

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  1. I’ll go, when I can look at this team and say “we stand a good chance to win this game”. As they are now, we stand a 1/4 chance; and I’m not throwing 42bucks @ those odds.

    I followed the Crew and went to plenty of their games…and wasted probally around 500dollars on them. I’m not doing that again, especially not for a bunch of players making millions. Look at the games coming up, those people have multiple 20goal scorers on there teams. Or just look at the price of the contracts, Most teams vs us in december have a couple multi-million dollar contracts. You know, those “proven scorers” that cost a good bit of cash when they get signed.

    This “support” your team when they sux is dumb. Everyone should be a bandwagon fan. Even if we had maxed the capacity of that arena, every game this year; we would be in the same spot we’re in now. That wouldn’t make ownership go out and sign anyone. That’s why the leaf fans are jokes, they support their team even when they sux. Like this year: they need to fire JFJ/Maurice or sell the team to Jim Basille…but…since the building is packed every night, Why should they anything; that ownership group is making billions with a record worse than ours.

    Only way I’m going to a game this year, is if we lose 20more games just like last nights game. Cause then maybe our owners will be embrassed by the team. And people will also be embrassed to show up. Actually, tell the truth, I don’t think the crowds even matter to this hockey clubs. They will still make a profit with ticket sales, contracts ending and league sharing. Some may have to take less since they wont hit that 14k attendance mark but, thats the plight of the filthy rich for ya.

    Ofcourse they could always stop paying for talent, and become the exact opposite of Toronto.

  2. Really?!? I don’t know what to say to this comment, other than I think you’re just a little over the top.

    I had a few more things to put down, but I just can’t do it.

    I am suspicious of one thing, I think Dirty is Doug MacLean’s alter ego. 🙂 C-Ex-GMDM would have been happy to convince McConnell to pay millions just for show.

  3. Well, we will see who is right at the end of the year. But any ten year old in canada knows: you should have been posting about Souray, not Hainsey.

    But, I wish ya the best of luck! Don’t know how to respond to the GM comment, you think I like him 🙂

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