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November 27, 2007

James Mirtle has a few items up over at his site that may be of interest to those of us in Blue Jacket Land.

Apparently, things are not going well down south with the sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Absolute Hockey Enterprises, of which former CBJ President/GM Doug MacLean is a partner, failed to come up with a required $5 million payment.  James links to Lightning Strikes, the St. Pete Times’ hockey blog.  From James Thorner and Jonathan Milton at LS:

…the investment group has splintered as Coral Springs real estate developer Jeff Sherrin and former Blue Jackets president Doug MacLean are suing Hollywood producer Oren Koules for allegedly failing to make a capital contribution of $4.17-million which was to be part of the $5-million payment.

The article states that Sherrin and MacLean are asking for $50 million in damages from their co-partner.  I’m guessing that’s not $50 million for each, as MacLean has reportedly not put in much money.  He was to be the brains of the operation.  Which makes sense since he’s asking for $50 million from a guy who couldn’t come up with $4.17 million.  Just sayin’.


Doug MacLean looks as happy to be here as we are to (still) have him.

Tampa hockey fans, you can breathe now.

And in other news, the media love for Jody Shelley and Jared Boll continues in Columbus.  Just now I’m watching the Jackets take on the Oilers, and there is a little segment on FSN where Shelley is interviewed to discuss what he and his linemates bring to the team.  Interestingly enough, James Mirtle put up a little article on Saturday discussing the contributions of “tough guys”.  So what do the goons/fighters/enforcers of the NHL provide for their teams?  I won’t butcher Mirtle’s work (go read it, will ya!), but I’ll summarize it by saying this… not much. 

The sample size of the data being used is a tad small (the most combined goals for and against any of the 20 players profiled so far this season is ten), but I’m not certain that the point won’t hold true as the season progresses.

Hockey fighting

Thankfully, they have the tie-down jerseys now so we don’t have to see this.

Now I’m no Shelley/Boll hater, and I’m not a Shelley/Boll apologist either.  I’ve seen Jody work hard in practice to improve his game, and I can understand why many people view him as a fan favorite.  I do think he’s the least skilled forward on the team (not a character indictment, just my opinion), and that he’s far from a favorite of mine.  Jared Boll I think has some promise, but my walls are echoing with the words, “why is he fighting again?”  I suppose it’s possible that he’s trying to make his mark and prove that he belongs, but I think he’s overdoing it just a little.  The energy, hard skating, and hitting I like.  The fighting (especially when Shelley is in the lineup), I don’t care for so much.  There have been a few I understood, but there are some I don’t.  His scrap on Saturday against Detroit’s Aaron Downey I didn’t understand.  Shelley was on the ice (and being corralled by the linesman) at the time, and I’m not sure that Boll’s bout helped the team. 

In any event, what I got from Mirtle’s post is that there may be better options for the fourth line than a guy who mostly fights.  What it made me remember is that we have Freddy Modin (avg 15:09 TOI/game) recuperating from injury while Jody Shelley (4:45 TOI/game) is “taking his place”.  Those nine and a half minutes have to be made up somewhere, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.

– Drew

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