Ten Reasons to Appreciate CBJ Hockey

November 19, 2007

10. They don’t play Akron, Kent State, or Youngstown. All the games count.

9. Channel 6 does not cover them. Nor do most of the other local broadcast media, which is really not a bad thing. Can you imagine Dom Tiberi or Jerod Smalley reporting on hockey? Or even worse, what if Mindy Drayer liked hockey and covered the team? I think the Jackets would have to get a restraining order.

8. Scalpers actually charge a reasonable amount of money or even discount tickets. Right now, it is pretty easy to get lower bowl seats at half price.

7. The drunken fans are usually from other teams. So you don’t have to give them the benefit of the doubt when they bother you. You can just wail on them.

6. Games are NOT on the Big Ten Network.

5. Pepsi and Mountain Dew female persons. I know they are pretending to care about you and are there for “family” fun, but they are nice to look at.

4. If a player gets in a fight, it’s OK. The coach doesn’t have to make a phony speech about student values and going to classes to regain their eligibility. Nobody cries out about respecting our school or team as their reason to smack an opponent. The players simply drop the gloves and take care of business.

3. They sell adult beverages at the games. You can legally purchase and enjoy them. Nationwide Arena goes out of its way to accommodate you and your enjoyment of these beverages by selling them every ten feet.

2. You don’t have to put up with fans who drove in from Pulaskiville (population unknown) that ask you a million questions during the game, like “Does the band come on after the first or second period?” or “Where is the nearest Cracker Barrel?” or “What is a Blue Jacket?” or “Is my car safe on Fletcher Street?”

1. Terrell Owens plays football.

-Truth Serum



  1. funny stuff

    #7 & #3 are my favorite (hard to choose)

    #1 is wrong, Darcy Tucker

  2. Oh yeah,


  3. For #9 I submit Clay Hall. He has attempted to cover the Jackets, it wasn’t pretty. Also to add to #9…Random-Former-Buckeye-Football-Player isn’t on the broadcast team.

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