Dose of Reality #83

November 19, 2007

A lot of random thought in this post:

Last night’s game was fun to watch, tough to accept, but promising nonetheless.  The Jackets did not quit at all, fighting to the end, the end being a game of chance (a shootout) that they get suckered on every time.  The game had so many swings that I could never figure out what would happen next.  The flow and style kept changing, from cautious, to wide open, to physical, to a game of confidence, to a game of hold on.  The Jackets lost because they set themselves up for OT and a Shootout, a losing proposition for them.  Before you jump on me, how many of you thought that having an early lead and momentum was a great time to hand the Wings a five on three advantage?  To those of you out there who want to see more of Jody Shelley, did you like his juvenile outburst of lifting the net off the posts?  I can’t even think of a player in the Capital Hockey Conference (high school) who believes he can get away with that.

Adam Foote played much better last night, but how long is the NHL going to allow him to take a free shot at other players?  He is usually good for a high hit or two in each game and the league seems to tolerate it, but you know the bill will come due at some point.  And if I were on the ice when Tomas Holmstrom and somebody else is in front of my net, I would watch Holmstrom every time if given a choice.  NHL statistics back me on this, too.

Nikolai Zherdev was dazzling last night.  He dusted off the toe drag and schooled a few Red Wing players.  After the last two on one rush that he and Nash had, I swear I saw a brown spot on the ice left by Chris Osgood.

In the end, the Red Wings showed why they are the best and how far the Blue Jackets have to go.  Sure, Pavel Datsyuk got a lucky break on the tying goal, but good players and good teams get the breaks.  As long as the Blue Jackets keep working hard and playing hard, sooner or later they will get some breaks.  In the past, the Wings could beat the Jackets with Kirk Maltby, but last night they needed their best players, Lidstrom, Rafelski, Holstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg to get the job done.

This was a loss to build on, as odd as that sounds.  Wednesday is two days away, but I can hardly wait.

-Truth Serum



  1. I’m not going to try and defend Shelly, it was a dumb penalty. If he wanted to pick a fight he should’ve done it during play. Which alot of people seem to be pointing out on Puck Rackers.

    Odd thing is, no one is mentioning Federov or Vyborny.

    Your right about the Wings, just compare G/A/Pts of Datsyuk&Zetterberg with Nash’s and it becomes clear who is going to win. Both are well coached teams, and that is why it was such a good game.

  2. Dirty, Fedorov had a goal last night and played well in my opinion. Vyborny is still in a slump, but I thought he handled the puck better than he has lately; he hung onto it longer and made some nice passes. His defense was also strong.

    But if Jody wants to pick a fight, he should find another sport. Hockey has changed.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Fighting in hockey isn’t about mindless violence, there is a reason for it.

    Hockey has changed? Tell that to Rick Nash. There are always going to be someone playing dirty. Trying to take out a star player (like Vandeemer did) and someone is going to have to deal with them. If CBJ let Shelly go tomorrow, every player like Sean Avery (or a Jared Boll) will have Nash’s number on a nightly basis. Maybe Nash could fight them too…

    As for Holmstrom, everyone knows when he’s on the ice. He’s just one of those big, dumb can’t skate-a-lick, so he stands infront of the net guys that most fans would call useless. Every team in the league has the same problem we do with him. Except for maybe the Bruins who has Chara.

    Can’t say I agree with you on Feds and Vyborny. Hitch wants a physical game, and they don’t do that. IMO Hitch want to wear teams down and take chances late in the game. Those guys don’t play that game, they are more suited to skilled/creative instead of physical/stradegy. Can’t say I’m impressed with either of those two shots during the shootout. Zherdev/Nash go stick side, Vyborny and Fed goes glove side.

    IDK just some of my opinions.

  4. Dirty, hockey has changed in that fighters can no longer be one dimensional players; they have to be able to play the game, too. That is why Sean Avery is in the league and Jared Boll has potential. But to go out and start a fight just to say you did is as dated as a Lange helmet.

    I don’t have any idea what Holmstrom’s IQ is, but the man does have good hands. He takes advantage of the current NHL rules and style of play and puts a lot of pucks into the net.

    And the shots that Fedorov and Vyborny took weren’t successful, but I would rather have them shooting than Adam Foote.

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