Dose of Reality #81

November 16, 2007

Yes, I’m still alive and following the Blue Jackets and hockey.  I’ve been on the road lately and to my surprise, Marriott Hotels do not carry the Jacket broadcasts as part of their room package.  And I couldn’t talk the young woman at the front desk into signing my room up for Center Ice during my stay.

The team is showing that it is indeed going to be a year for growth, learning how to play Ken Hitchcock’s game, how to compete in every game, and discovering ways to win at the NHL level.  The loss to Chicago last week was painful and the loss at Nashville was discouraging.  But other than the commenters at Puck Rakers, most of the fans are showing patience.

In one of the games, some of the veteran leadership on the team reverted back to seasons past and lost their composure, taking stupid and costly penalties.  In another game, the Jackets looked like a Mite House team, carrying the puck without any thoughts of passing to a player wearing the same color jersey.

Things got back to normal against the Blackhawks on Wednesday, with the team playing calm and steady, cutting back on the penalties, and getting the goals when they were offered.  The only people who didn’t remain calm were the fans in section 102, a small group of Jacket and Blackhawk fans.  It was entertaining to watch and the girl with the blue-green hair should wear a tighter belt so those around her don’t get grossed out.

Tonight the team plays in St. Louis and the game will be tough.  The Blues can be physical and our team better be ready for the usual stuff that happens after the whistle and in front of the net.  It’s not time to send Rick Nash Jody Shelley out to send a message, but the Jackets need to show St. Louis that they are a different team than in the past and will play hard until the final whistle.

I am curious to see if the Blue Jackets get back on track and play the next two games (St. Louis and Detroit) with the same energy and style that they played the first ten games.  They may lose both games, but I want to see how they play.  Will they keep their heads, work hard, implement their game plan, and take advantage of what their opponents give them.  If I want to see fighting, I’ll watch the replay of Wisconsin-OSU post game, because I don’t think the Blackhawk girl will be back.

-Truth Serum


  1. “It was entertaining to watch” I am truely amazed at that commment. So you think its funny when 3 drunk fat guys try to beat up a girl wearing glasses?

    I found it funny that she was actually kicking their asses even when they were punching her in the face and choking her.

    Way to go for the old lady security guard as well. Will you be laughing when one of these drunken idiots go at you or your girlfriend/wife/mother? I was appauled when I saw that no one tried to help.

  2. Ok, I wasn’t there to see the fight in 102, but it should’ve sent a message to Red Wings fans tonight =) So I can’t really comment on that.

    Agree with you on CBJ play (being inconsistent), but after the last few games (just played detriot) they seemed really competitive. Maybe/Hopefully all these division rival losses is just bad luck/lack of scoring talent. With 2games behind Preds&Wings I doubt we make the playoffs…still @/or above .500 is a good first step.

    Ed. Note: This is in reply to a comment string over at Puck Rakers

    Totally un-related topic:
    I didn’t realize Brassard was 6’0″, you might be right about him.

  3. Dirty,

    I didn’t see the game last night, but from all accounts I’ve read it was a very competitive game. I’m not sold on the playoffs notion at this point, but I’m enjoying the ride… all the ups and downs included.

    Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it.

  4. Jethro, I did not see three drunk fat guys trying to beat up a girl with glasses and I apologize for making light of that situation. I did see the girl hold her own and I think I saw a few Jacket fans try to break up the fight. As for the security guard, she is just an usher, working for a temp agency whose only responsibility is to call the right people to handle the situation.

    And a drunk did push a 12 year-old boy into me once and I did what I thought was reasonable after making sure that the kid was OK. I called for help and an usher quickly got a cop to have the drunk removed.

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