Dear Danny Gare…

November 8, 2007

When the referee has his hand up to indicate a penalty and the whistle is blown when the team in white touches the puck, the penalty is not on the team in blue.


When the team in white is carrying the puck around for 15 seconds on a delayed penalty, the penalty is not on the team carrying the puck.

I’ve been watching hockey for a few years, so I know which team (if not which player) is getting the penalty and when I hear you call it incorrectly, all it does is make me yell at the television.  But for the folks who are tuning in on an occasional basis and don’t know much about hockey or are new to the game, it has to be very confusing to figure out what’s going on.

I’m sure that sitting here on my couch it’s a little less pressure to get the right words out of my mouth than it would be if I were in the booth.  I can appreciate that.  Relax a bit, put down your new telestrator toys, and make the right call.

That is all.

– Drew


  1. But what if Mick McGough is working the game? If he is on the ice, teams have no idea what he is calling or who is getting a ticket to the box.

  2. Is it just me or is their broadcasting worse than ever?

  3. Okay, if Mick is calling the game, Danny boy gets a free pass. But on any other day, is it too much to ask for the correct call even most of the time?

  4. I think the radio guys are much better that the on TV folks … has been that way since the beginning in my opinion … too bad they don’t switch them back and forth between periods using George & Bill on TV … in my yute .. the Pittsburgh Pirates used to have their radio broadcaster Bob Prince do two thirds of the games back and forth switching to TV and back to radio … I doubt the Jackets would do that or if that’s even done any more .. I get frustrated when after coming back from a commercial and usually the team the Jackets are playing is on a power play … and there was no indication who or what the penalty was .. so it takes 30 seconds to realize we are down a man .. it isn’t just Danny .. Rimms is just as bad … they do it all the time ..

  5. Bob,

    Thanks for stopping by, it’s good to have you here. I agree that George and Bill are much better, and I think that is generally the case for most sports events (radio being better than television). TV guys can rely on the picture to tell the story, while the radio guys have to describe the scene on their own.

    I grew up listening to Ernie Harwell do the Tigers, and now I enjoy listening to Paul Keels do the Buckeyes. If there weren’t a delay in sound to picture action, I’d mute the TV and listen to the radio broadcast. But my brain can’t handle that, so I suffer and swear at Jeff and Danny (the Jackets are beyond respectable so far, I have to have something to complain about!).

    Stop back soon, Bob.

  6. Ernie Harwell is a Saint and sits at the right hand of … The Buffalo guys did TV-radio up until last year; I’m not sure if they are still doing double-duty this year.

    George and Bill are better, but that is like saying the Reds are better than the Pirates. ALL of the CBJ broadcasters were nothing more than paid PR hacks under Doug MacLean. Rimmer was a BFF of Doug’s in Florida.

    Interestingly, Dan Kelley is working for the Blackhawks and after hearing him do a few games, I miss him.

  7. Kelley I didn’t mind so much, it was Konroyd that bothered me.

  8. I generally prefer George & Bill to Rimer & Gare, but the one tendency they have that really annoys me is that they’ll go way too long without saying what the score of the game is.

    I was driving back from Cincinnati a couple years ago during one of our routine October thrashings by the Kings. I managed to tune in CD-101 around Sabina, and it was clear from the way G&B were talking that the Jackets were getting hammered, but they never actually said the score. I was past Washington C.H. before they finally said what the actual score was.

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