Dose of Reality #79

October 24, 2007

If the Blue Jackets play a game that is not televised, does anyone see replays? Apparently not. Last nights game in Chicago was not televised in Chicago, of course, due to the soon to be changed Wirtz policy. So they have an excuse. The people who hold the rights to televise Blue Jacket games in Central Ohio, FSN Ohio, didn’t bother. Those of us who purchase the Centre Ice package were shut out. Can you believe this, in the year 2007, a major sports event was not covered? And it was one of the most exciting games for Blue Jacket fans in awhile, but with no television the team lost out on a great promotional opportunity.  Oh well …

So what do you think of all the hockey blogs here in Columbus? I enjoy just about all of them, but I find Puck-rakers from The Dispatch full of great insights. So why did it take The Dispatch so long to get up to speed? Did the unusual number of local blogs here give the local news monopoly a reason to enter the fray? Lets face it, they are professional journalists (and I say that with respect) but their past coverage has been a little dry, a little too much dependent upon Doug MacLean, and without any of the other aspects that we are now being presented. Malhotra’s wife informally interviewed, Hitch’s Civil War cap, where the writers dine on the road, the speculation on who will be scratched; all of that is good stuff. I applaud Aaron, Tom, and Michael for this and hope that it continues. It is nice to see them take full advantage of their official roles as journalists and add value to the local blog scene.

Try as I may, but I just can’t say goodbye to Doug MacLean. Our good friend Patrick reminded us all about what a douchebag he is with his latest comment. Funny thing is, Doug probably did the radio show from his home in Columbus, where he still lives until he can get someone to pay for his move to Tampa Bay. When I was at the game on Sunday, I looked at all the empty seats and thought that Doug must be proud of how he left the franchise. Perhaps the people of Tampa Bay can grow to appreciate him as much as we do.



  1. Watching Tampa play Washington last night I can honestly say that the Lightning are not as confident as they were last season. Washington is a slightly better team and Ovechkin is a horse but so is Lecavalier, Richards and St. Louis. I cannot explain it, but the passion seems to have gone a bit from the Lightning team. Losing Dan Boyle is a major blow but I wonder out loud the impact of the new ownership group and the effect is has on its players.

    Or maybe its the curse of Doug MacLean and the goalie dilemna. Marc Denis was in net last night and looked like… Marc Denis. I think Doug thought that aquiring the Lightning he was guaranteed a playoff spot… not so quick Doug. With Richards, St. Louis, Prospal and Lacavalier playing over 20 minutes a night on a regular basis and on some nights 25 minutes, the dam will break and it’ll look like Columbus all over again… on the ice. For now Tampa draws the best of any U.S. based NHL team; how long will this last? Stay tuned.

  2. But another factor should be the wear and tear of playing for John Tortorella. It can’t be easy playing for guy who yells all the time and then yells even louder when things don’t go his way.

    Which leads me to think about how things might be with MacLean as boss and Torts as coach. I think that things will get so bad that there might be the first ever team strike in NHL history.

    I watched the game through the first two periods and agree with your assessment of Denis. He is not the same guy he was five years ago in Columbus, before the Jackets burned him out by playing him a whole season without a backup. He has never recovered from that fiasco.

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