Dose of Reality #78

October 18, 2007

Sarah over at The Neutral Zone Trap did some live blogging of the game last night. I was there and if I wanted to blog it, I would have used the word “dead”. It was not a good or entertaining game to watch. Sure, the Blue Jackets played hard, but they didn’t play smart. They had so many chances to put the game away, but simply failed to do so. And if that’s the way they are going to play at Nationwide this year, the announced crowd of 11,800 will be a high-water mark.

I agree with Patrick and blame Doug MacLean for the current mess of the franchise. If this keeps up though, blaming MacLean will be a waste of time because the team can’t survive with these attendance numbers. This has been my biggest fear since I made the PSL investment years ago, that I would be throwing money into a risky venture that did not have a good chance of surviving. The organization has done well and got such high marks for hosting the NHL Draft, for its solid attendance numbers in the early days, and for offering a great “arena experience” to those who come to the games. Last night I sat there for the second game in a row where I felt like I was in the wrong place, that NHL hockey is not for the cool kids anymore.

Dallas is a good team and in years past the management of the Blue Jackets would have been happy to come out with a point against them. But the team has to do better now, it has to win both more points and more fans. Without winning both points and fans, you will find yourself reading another Canadian media story about what a waste of time it was to put a franchise here, equating Columbus with Nashville. Lets hope the team can start winning and the fans have a good reason to make the trip to Nationwide again.


Daryl Reaugh, former NHL goaltender and current Dallas Stars broadcaster, was at Nationwide last night working the game.  He didn’t like the cannon too much:

Columbus has introduced a Civil War era cannon that is fired off whenever the Bluejackets score a goal. Its really friggin’ loud, maybe too loud. Thank goodness Hitchcock’s BJs offense has the sting of a moth and the lethality of squirt gun so it’ll probably only be heard once or twice a night and then promptly followed by the announcement – “Columbus goal scored by number 61 Rick Nash”…

Daryl has a terrific blog and you should make it a regular stop on your daily hockey fix.

-Truth Serum



  1. I thought I would throw this info stateside: Doug MacLean was on the Fan590 in Toronto last Friday during the noon time hockey show and talked about the attendance around the league specifically in Tampa and Columbus. Was shocked that the Jackets had only 11,800 or so last Wednesday and then pointed out that Tampa had nearly the highest attendance for any American NHL team. Doug’s an idiot and politely threw mud the Jackets way in saying that the record of the team over the last 6 seasons might have had something to do with the low figure. You think?

    On another matter it is not a done deal that Doug and his buddies have the cash together to buy the Lightning. The purchase price was in the vicinity of $205 million and they have only raised $100 million so far. How does this work? I’ll say smoke and mirrors and maybe a bit of luck. Doug’s still an idiot.

  2. […] MacLean.  Our good friend Patrick reminded us all about what a douchebag he is with his latest comment.  Funny thing is, Doug probably did the radio show from his home in Columbus, where he still lives […]

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