Dose of Reality #76

October 11, 2007

Last night was pretty cool. Jared Boll got his first NHL goal, Pascal Leclaire got another shutout, and the team won a game it was supposed to win. I was there with the other 9,000 who showed up and saw a decent game. Not real dramatic or high-energy, but a win over a team, Phoenix, that the Jackets should beat most of the time. The team passed the Phoenix test and now they will be given the Colorado test. All players, including Adam Foote, must pass this next test to move on.

This series of posts is going to change, by the way. It was named Dose of Reality by my boss, Drew, and I went along with his choice because he is my boss. The objective was to present a viewpoint of the team that was more reality-based than the one that the former President, GM, Coach, and Alternate Governor gave. I always tried to keep positive and think that most of the time I was, regardless of how much crap was foisted upon us. I am content with the direction of the organization and believe that things are getting better. I don’t think we are going to suddenly advance to the second round of the playoffs, but I don’t see the players mailing it in anymore. Ken Hitchcock, Mike Priest, and Scott Howson all seem to have a good grasp of reality and don’t see the need to just make noise.

So if anyone has any ideas for a new name for this series, send them in. I’ll consider any idea that does not use big or primitive words. Keep it clean because this is a family blog. No prizes or awards will be given out, but if your idea is chosen, your self-esteem will rise and you can be smug for 24 hours. Not Red Sox smug, just Midwest smug.

Speaking of self-esteem, Bryan Berard put the winner in for the Islanders last night. The game was against the hated Rangers, so at this time Bryan can be smug for awhile. Congratulations, Bryan. The fear of God (or Ken Hitchcock) will do wonders for a player who suddenly found himself battling for a job.

And speaking of fear, the cannon sounded a little softer last night, but I still saw the look of terror on the faces of many small children each time it went off. Maybe the team can have an Earplug Giveaway at a future game, perhaps one of the early evening games that families go to. Or when you take your kid to Stinger’s House before the game to register, the team can hand out complimentary earplugs.

-Truth Serum



  1. “Skirmish line”

    Goes with the Civil War theme. So would “Cannonade!”

  2. Heh… this is the first time anyone has referred to me as the boss.

    Remember… Boss’s Day is next Tuesday, Truth.

    Seriously, I think that whatever you want to call your posts is fine. Even if you wanted to call each one something unique, that would be cool. I’ll play the role of the easygoing editor with this decision.

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