Dose of Reality #75

October 6, 2007

What a win and what a night! The Blue Jackets strong-armed the Ducks, the cannon scared the shit out of every little kid in the building, the kid sitting next to me only hit me about 60+ times waving the flag before Mom figured out that Junior might be a tad annoying, and despite what The Dispatch warned, parking problems did not prevent me from having a good time.

But back to the game. The team played terrific and played from start to finish. Big difference already from seasons past, although Dave King should not be disparaged because he didn’t have near the talent level of this current team. I’m glad to hear that Jared Boll did not really throw an elbow, although I stand by my earlier post about hits to the head need to be taken out of the game. Fedorov’s goal was nice because he made the right shot, something he couldn’t do last season. Zherdev played a strong game, so I guess maybe the press/bloggers will lay off for a few games. Kris Russell made a beautiful goal-mouth pass to Nash to set up the third goal and Leclaire got a shut out, although I don’t understand why the video officials did not award Anaheim a goal around the 15:50 mark of the third period. From my seats, all of us fans thought that the puck crossed the line and the score would have been 2-1.

It was also nice to see the arena nearly full. Way to go fans. Lets start showing up now and supporting the team until they give us a reason not to. If they keep playing like they did last night, the place deserves to be full.


The NHL will not further discipline Jared Boll.

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  1. Explanation on the Anaheim ‘goal’: Nash intercepted the puck when it was only halfway over the goal line, and you could still see the unbroken bottom of the goal line past his stick blade on the replay, so it was impossible for the puck to have crossed entirely over.

  2. Matt, after I posted, I watched the game on FSN. I agree that the video replay was not conclusive evidence that the puck went over the goal line. Having said that, there are two points that need to be made: The replay shown on FSN was not HD because Nationwide has not installed the required equipment yet. And two, was that the only replay available? A camera on the bench side of the ice (where I sat) might have shown more.

    I’m not making any comments on the arena or questioning ethics, just amazed that the view of myself and about 30 other people appeared to be clearer than the NHL’s.

  3. how can you compare russell to westcott? Russell is not ready to be in the pros he needs lots of improvement. I know people are looking at Westcott in a negative way because of his injury issues, and therefore he does not look like he is in the best game shape yet, but he will excell with patience and some built up confidence. Look at the highly over-rated d-men on the team…Rostislav Klesla(way overreted) Adam Foote(should just retire) Jan Hejda(Overplayed and obviously overrated because of that) Kris Russell(needs to learn that a defenceman has to defend as well as score)

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