Dose of Reality #68

September 17, 2007

Last night I attended (along with 7,000 or so other fans) the Blue Jackets game against Nashville. I didn’t have any lofty expectations or expect to be impressed and the team didn’t disappoint me. It was a plain ‘ol exhibition game and they lost, 3-1. Some of the guys played well and others need to work on their game. Yes, the Zherdev-Nash-Vyborny line looked decent and Nikolai was making some nice passes and skated hard the whole game. Adam Foote is already in pre-season form with an injury, so I can’t praise him at this time. And Pascal Leclaire looked a lot like Pascal Leclaire and did not hold the fort when the team needed him to.

But hey, it was a pre-season game (with a regular season price tag) and I am looking forward to seeing Chicago come to town on Tuesday and hope that they dress Patrick Kane (#1 draft pick in 2007) and Jonathan Toews, another promising player and notorious whiner. Maybe the CBJ will dress Jared Boll again and the kid from the Chicago suburbs can show the Blackhawks what they passed up by not taking him. Boll looked about 500% better last night than he did a year ago and I look forward to seeing him develop. But the game will be even better if the Jackets dress Kris Russell and he defends against Kane and/or Toews.

Vyborny was injured and we will know more today about the seriousness of it. Other notable NHL regulars who were injured over the weekend were Mathieu Schneider of the Ducks with a broken ankle and Roberto Luongo of Vancouver after taking a high shot near the collarbone area.

Anson Carter is in Edmonton’s camp. I thought maybe he would be invited to Tampa Bay by their new ownership group, you know, as insurance.

Tim Sassone, one of the better hockey writers out there, is reporting that Patrick Kane will stay home and not make the trip to Columbus.  Jonathan Toews should be in the lineup.  You can read his piece here.

Also, we Blue Jacket fans get to see Kris Russell play tonight, which should be a real treat.  Tickets are available and it will be a great opportunity to see Russell get a lot of ice time.

-Truth Serum


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  1. The Jackets’ brass doesn’t seem overly concerned with the Vyborny injury in the paper this morning. Hopefully that is a good sign.

    Priceless closing statement… I love it.

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