Dose of Reality #66

August 22, 2007

So we’re going to sign Michael Peca.  I guess it’s better to sign him than to kill Derick Brassard’s career, and he won’t cost that much, and he is a “name” player who will pique the interest of knowledgeable hockey fans, so why not?  I do agree with Eric McErlain that he may be a rental until the March trade deadline, but if he is in demand at that time, it means that he has performed up to NHL expectations, which would be good for us Jacket fans.

I enjoyed reading that Peca had talked to several of his friends about Columbus and how they all gave the city and fans high marks.  One of those that Peca had talked to was Todd Marchant.  Marchant loved it here and really wanted to stay, but things did not work out.  Michael Peca is a similar type player, a defensive center with good speed, who never stands still.  I have no doubt that Ken Hitchcock will use Peca as a defensive forward, giving us a chance to see (barring any injuries) what it might have looked like with Marchant.  Maybe I should have written that we can see what it might have looked like if we had a real GM running the show.

-Truth Serum

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