Dose of Reality #65

August 20, 2007

I go away for one weekend (to a hockey clinic, by the way) and Alexander Svitov jumps ship.  What are we going to do?  I mean, where in the world is the team going to get those seven goals from now that Svits left?  My oh my, the sky is falling.  We can forget about the playoffs now!

If Doug MacLean were here, he would have signed Petr Nedved or Alexei Yashin by now, forking out $3 million a piece to make up for the loss of Svitov.  But now we have sane people minding the store, so that won’t happen.

I didn’t find out about this until late Saturday, but I was still able to sleep that night.  The question I ask myself now is, does anybody care?  Should we care?

I’ll post more when I get back in town.

-Truth Serum 


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  1. Do I care? Yes. Does it (Svitov leaving) matter that much in the long run? Probably not.

    The Jackets were not going to make the playoffs this year, anyway. Losing Svitov doesn’t sink the team. It may mean signing Peca (I’m not too hip to that suggestion, but I don’t sign the checks), the emergence of Platt or Fritsche, utilizing one of the many “who?” centers we signed in the last three months like Jiri Novotny and/or Kris Beech, or it could suggest the fast track for Derick Brassard.

    Whichever option, we’re not much better or worse than we were before.

    I’ll say I’m looking for O-K Tollefsen to take more of a physical role now that Svitov is out of the picture. Shelley is living on borrowed time (okay, one last year of his contract), and all those flying fists have to fall to someone. Drink your milk, O-K!

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