Dose of Reality #61

July 10, 2007

Here is an idea that another blogger has thrown out: The return of Sergei Fedorov to Detroit. Ansar Khan blogged at Kukla’s Korner about the utterly useless signing of Dallas Drake by the Red Wings and then wrote that the Wings might be better off with Sergei in their lineup. If that were ever to happen, you can bet the farm that Fedorov would score a hat trick every time he suited up against Columbus and the boo birds of Detroit would be like Peter, denying that they ever turned against him. If a move like this doesn’t motivate Sergei, then maybe he should have retired two years ago. But I think he would thrive.

Now this is all the rambling of a single blogger and a Detroit blogger at that. But it does show that there is room out there to make some roster moves that would benefit BOTH teams if some GM’s get creative. Fedorov was and might still be one of the best players in the game and I hate to see him end his career in Columbus without much to show for it. If the Jackets can move him back to Detroit for a final season and pick up some prospects or cash, why not? After all, we once traded Kevyn Adams for Ray Whitney.

-Truth Serum

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  1. Truth: Ansar Khan(!) didn’t actually blog it at A2Y. We just pointed folks to his blog over at MLive. He probably wouldn’t have anything to do with us because we pick on him a little. As for the boo birds in Detroit, you’re right. I guarantee those pathetic bandwagoners would cheer him the second he puts a Wing jersey back on. The treatment they give him when he returns with the BJ’s is embarrassing.

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