Indefinite vacation for Drew

July 6, 2007

Gone fishin

I just wanted to put up a quick note to not be expecting regular posts from me for the time being.  I’m not burned out and ready to quit, but it is the middle of summer and there isn’t a whole lot hockey related to talk about.  Combine this with a real-life vacation coming up soon, ratcheting up my long-distance running training, and a lack of anything good to say about Jan Hejda… and it’s time for a break.

To the best of my knowledge, Truth Serum will still have his offerings.  So feel free to stop by and visit, and maybe you’ll see a few nuggets from me here and there.  As August and September bring hockey back on the radar, I’ll be back to normal.

Yes, I’ve currently left the Spotlight Series and my NHL Draft recaps unfinished.  I’ll be working on these to wrap them up.

Thanks to everyone who comes to the End of the Bench, I appreciate all the readers and especially those who comment.  I look forward to continuing the dialogue as hockey season nears.  Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.

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