Dose of Reality #58

June 28, 2007

So do we, Adam!

“Well, Adam Foote has finally broken down and admitted he regrets the day he put pen to paper to go to Columbus, Ohio.”

Read it here and then call the Jackets and ask for a refund if you have season tickets. Maybe Foote will consider offering us a rebate.

Will he still be captain?  Should he?

-Truth Serum



  1. What I “knew” about Adam Foote prior to 2005: Tough, hard-nosed stay-at-home defenseman. Good leadership skills. The kind of guy you hate to play against but love to play with.

    What I’ve learned in the last two years: Overaggressive, bad penalty taking, get-skated around defenseman. Poor leadership skills. The kind of guy you wish would never have made it to Columbus.

    In 2005, The only way a guy like Adam (at that point in his career) comes to Columbus is for the money. There were a lot of people here who thought otherwise, and assumed that one of the aging veteran NHL’ers thought the Blue Jackets to be contenders. Adam (and Bryan and Anson) signed in Columbus for dollars. Hired guns on an otherwise struggling team will not create a winner.

    Why do these types of players win on the Yankees and Red Sox? Because those teams are going to win anyway. Team success is not dependent upon that one player. To think that the Blue Jackets were immediate contenders for a playoff spot because an aging defenseman signs with their club is quite the folly.

    If Adam had come in, contributed his 15-20 points per year and played hard, it’s likely that no one would have complained. But his penchant for finding the sin bin for such necessary penalties as “roughing” and “interference” all the while arguing with officials did not endear him to the hearts of hockey fans in Columbus.

    Will Adam Foote still be captain? I think yes, but wouldn’t be surprised if he were stripped of the extra fabric.

    Should Adam Foote still be captain? A leader, regardless of what his/her true feelings are, would never allow themselves to be quoted saying the things Adam said in the linked article. I think the answer here is a resounding “no”.

    My campaign has officially begun to promote Rick Nash. Thanks for the jump start, Mr. Foote. Hope you enjoy(ed) it here in Columbus.

  2. Drew…Michael posted on Kukla that he thought maybe Vyborny should be the Captain…any thoughts on that? I mean you could make an argument for either…but I’m just curious.

  3. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. The BJ’s wasted a lot of money and got little in return.

    I don’t see Foote on a game-to-game basis like you peeps, but it appears to me that he totally lost his game and became disinterested. He chased the money, and then forgot what made him an effective defenseman.

    Perhaps the BJ’s ought to get what they can for the guy on the trade market. Even a bag of pucks …

  4. Bethany: I think David Vyborny would be a fine candidate for captain, save for one thing. It’s very likely that he will play this year and move his family back to the Czech Republic so his children can be schooled in his home country. I’ve stated before that I applaud (as a human) this decision. So with #9 likely gone after this year, I don’t see the merit of making him the captain for 82 games. But I’ve been wrong on many fronts before.
    Jes: If I’m Howson, I’m on the phone to anybody who will listen and I’m talking about Foote, Fedorov, and Zherdev. The problem with all three is the same: high salary vs. low production. The Blue Jackets spent between $13-14 million last season for the following:
    203 GP 31 G 55 A 86 PTS -43 rating
    Five years ago we (not MacLean, however) could have swindled Glen Sather, giving him all three for Nedved, Dunham, and/or whomever. But with the salary cap, I see it hard for the Jackets to unload these mistake contracts.

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