Dose of Reality #57

June 24, 2007

I had a great time at the pre-Draft get together organized by Michael of Army of the Ohio. It was nice to meet the people that have such interesting things to say on their own Hockey Blogs. It was also nice to have Anheuser Busch beverages for $2.

I would state without out a doubt that Columbus done good and put on a nice NHL Draft. Nationwide Arena was full on Friday, the fans gave John McConnell and Wayne Gretzky lots of applause, they booed Gary Bettman, and showed pity to the Nashville Predator fans that made the trip, giving them encouragement and courtesy as their team disappears. I was proud of my town on Friday.

Now if we can just get through the next season, right? At least (sorry, Nashville fans) we will finish ahead of one team that beat us up on a regular basis, but Chicago and St. Louis got better, Detroit maintained, along with most of the other clubs in the West. I’m not sure how Phoenix will fare next season because their plight is similar to ours: Hold the fort one more year while the young guys get better.

Scott Howson and Ken Hitchcock have their work cut out. As long as they give 100% game after game and show some improvement, I will give them 100%

-Truth Serum



  1. So chanting “Hamilton… Hamilton…” is encouraging and courteous to Nashville fans, eh?

  2. Wait, beer was only $2 in there?? What was I doing drinking Pepsi?!

  3. Sarah, not only was it $2, but it came in a commemorative plastic cup!

    Drew, you could not hear the “Hamilton” chants from the luxury boxes.

  4. Man, I could have kept the Pepsi cup? I just got screwed all around that afternoon 😉

  5. Luxury, huh? Were you seat filling in Dougie’s old box?

    Just kidding.

    The asshole in me thought the “Hamilton” thing was a bit funny, but I bet Nashville fans didn’t think so. Heck, I’d be sure to boo that team no matter where they’re located. There is no love lost in the EOB heart for the Preds.

  6. $2 Beers??? Why did I have to work late? WHY?!?!

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