Pre-Draft party, anyone?

June 15, 2007

Update 6/15/07: We will be meeting at the Bud Light Arena Pub at 4:30 PM, and if they’re not open (we’re pretty sure they will be), we’re headed to the nearby R-Bar at 4:45.  For more details, see Mike’s post about the event.  Tapeleg of Jerseys and Hockey Love fame will be providing some podcasting equipment, so be sure to bring your opinions and a willingness to voice them.  If you’ve got something to talk about, let us know!

If you are going to be in Columbus for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft on June 22nd, be aware that Michael Turner (of Army of the Ohio) and I will be arranging a little get together for that afternoon.  The particulars have not yet been finalized as far as the exact when and where are concerned; but if meeting with a few of your favorite bloggers and chatting hockey with fans sounds like a bit of fun then please let one of us know that you are interested.

Mike put together a great NHL Draft information post, head on over to check it out.  If you think you might come, leave a comment on that post or email me at endofbench@gmail.com

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  1. I’m in.

    I also plan on bringing a little gear to record a podcast. First time for everything.

  2. […] fans. Michael Turner has a guide for fans traveling to Columbus to attend the draft. Michael and Drew are organizing a blogger meet-up there – hope I can make that, […]

  3. […] will be, of course, the blogger/hockey fan meetup at the Bud Light Arena Pub at 4:15 (or the R-Bar at 4:30 if the BLAP is […]

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