Dose of Reality #54

June 13, 2007

“MacLean ‘not bitter’ over Jackets firing him”

That’s nice, but just the same, I wish you would go away.  I knew that you would end up back in TV and the NHL Draft is an event that somebody might want to hear your thoughts on.  TSN saved a bundle of money by offering you this particular job, because you live within walking distance of Nationwide Arena and they won’t have to pay your travel expenses.

“I’ve had two offers to get back into coaching (at the NHL level)…”

Really?  Who is that stupid?  What have you shown in the last eight years that would make anyone want to consider you for an NHL coaching position?  The NHL changed, Doug, not that you ever noticed.  Your Old Boys Network pass with coaching privileges has expired, Doug.  You’ll have to pursue other opportunities or consider the exciting field of PEI real estate sales.

“A lot of people have written and said that we rushed our young guys to the NHL. That, to me, is just way out of left field.

“There’s a great opportunity to move ahead because we gave our young guys a chance to play early in their careers. Did it hurt me? Did it help bring me down? Probably. But it’ll help the franchise down the road, for sure.”

Doug, you may have had no choice but to rush the young guys because you never put together an NHL roster while you were GM.  You filled the roster with players who belonged in Syracuse or Dayton.  So you cheated the fans and the young players.  You threw the guys into the fire and told the fans that it was only going to get better.  But that was not true.  Dave King (and many others) told you that they were “getting overwhelmed in the NHL and losing confidence in [their] abilities.”  You set the franchise back several years with those kinds of moves and your poor scouting.

Don’t shout Rick Nash at me, Doug!  That was a no-brainer and you traded up for him anyway.

“In hindsight, the one thing that jumps out is the goaltending. It bothers me to this day. I thought Marc Denis was the guy, but he gave us five pretty good years, not five great years.”

So you sat by for FIVE years without doing anything?  If you respond with Pascal Leclaire, I’ll have to ask if he is in on a five year plan, too.

I’m stuck with a PSL for a team that is not going to be much better next season.  The organization is so messed up that they can’t get a new GM hired. Being an NHL General Manager is a coveted job, given to a select group of guys that have shown their intelligence, diligence, and work ethic.  There are many well-qualified guys out there who won’t even answer the phone when the Blue Jackets call because the team is a mess.  Thank God you’re covering the draft on TSN, which my satellite company does not offer.

-Truth Serum

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  1. Oh God if I have to deal with Leclaire for 5 years…I will seriously go nuts…not even kidding.

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