Dose of Reality #51

June 4, 2007

Back to square one:

“Bob Murray has withdrawn his name from consideration to become the Blue Jackets general manager, The Dispatch has learned…” more

Thank you for putting a skid mark on my day, Aaron.

-Truth Serum


Did Murray decide things are better in Anaheim because the Jackets have some tough seasons ahead of them, as in more than two poor seasons?  Are things better in Anaheim because he won’t have to deal with a well-established coach such as Ken Hitchcock and get his buy-in on player decisions?  Are things better in Anaheim because he will have some input into their draft, whereas in Columbus the draft is already planned out by the McConnells (including Mike Priest) and Don Boyd and Jim Clark?  Are things better in Anaheim because he won’t have to retain members of the old CBJ front office?

Maybe Bob Murray knows that there will be other GM jobs opening up in the next season or two and that he would prefer one of them.  Perhaps he was not as enthusiastic about being the Columbus GM as the McConnells perceived and he simply pulled his name before an offer could be made.

Whatever the reasons are for the team to be without a GM at this point, they do not provide me with much confidence.  Maybe I can get my season ticket renewal money back?

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  1. The irony of this situation is that Clark and Boyd, loyal assistants to Doug MacLean are still with the team. That said, if you are to be the new GM you still have to answer to Ken Hitchcock and that may be the problem for any new candidate. They aren’t many situations in sport where the coach has more leverage than his boss. What is any new GM going to tell Hitch? Yes, the GM selects the players and signs them and coach plays them but in this case whose style do you follow? Bob Murray was not the best choice for the vacant GM position anyway. There was not much Murray did right in Chicago given the interference from Wirtz and Pulford and the situation in Anahiem is too good to leave for now. I cannot see that many teams would be knocking down Bob Murray’s door to hire him as their next GM.
    Finally, I hope that Clark and Boyd are gone when the new GM is hired. The previous drafts have Don Boyd’s fingerprints all over them and Jim Clark is Doug MacLean’s best friend from childhood. Perhaps one of the conditions of the new GM had to accept was that Boyd and Clark had to be retained? If that’s the case then, I can see why any candidate would not want the job.

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