Dose of Reality #48

May 19, 2007

It has been some time since my last post, so I am overdue for a few issues that have been on my mind.

First off, it looks like Ottawa is going to be in the Cup Finals this year, unless they completely collapse and lose four straight. I predicted that it would be a Buffalo-Anaheim series, but the Sabres forgot to play their style of hockey and became passive. But if Ottawa does move on and draws Anaheim, I can’t wait to see Daniel Alfredsson try and run somebody from behind. The rink guys will be cleaning up his body parts for a couple of days if tries to run a Duck over the way he ran Henrik Tallinder last week. It was a cheap shot, worse than any Jody Shelley hit. It’s not the first time Alfredsson has done this in the playoffs. A couple of season ago he boarded Darcy Tucker of the Leafs, stealing the puck from him while most of the players stood around waiting for the penalty call that never came. I remember that incident well, but at the time I didn’t care much because, afterall, it was against Tucker and the Leafs.

Another thing I want to see and hear is Don Cherry of Hockey Night in Canada cheering on the Ottawa Senators and their captain, the same Mr. Alfredsson. For those of you who believe in conspiracies, once again the NHL is greasing the skids so that a Canadian team is in the finals. But over the years Don Cherry has made fun of Europeans and Alfredsson in particular, but with Ottawa receiving this year’s Canadian ticket to the Cup Finals, he will have to get in line. I’m sure it will be easier for Cherry if the Ducks make it to the finals, a team from a place that has no hockey heritage.

Does anyone else out there think that Michael Arace is doing a great job with his blog? It is nice to have an almost daily post from him with more irreverence than he writes for the print edition of The Dispatch, now that he does not have to cover the Blue Jackets on a daily basis. His one post, Bring Back Kinger, was terrific. I hope he can continue with this quality and quantity once the CBJ are back in focus.

It is a little disconcerting to not read or hear much about the search for a new General Manager in Columbus. Mike Priest is a quiet guy, but it would be nice to have more information or gossip to get through this period. I have a bad dream that it will be September and the team decides to re-hire Doug MacLean because he has completed his therapy and the owners are confident that he can handle the job again. As evidence of this change in personality, John McConnell cites the fact that MacLean has started buying his clothes at Kohl’s, drives a used Ford pickup, and is not planning any new minor hockey teams in the Columbus area.

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  1. I’m sorry to burst your balloon on Jody Shelley but the hit against Edmonton Oiler rookie defenceman Tom Gilbert was a bad one and the end result was a long recovery for Mr. Gilbert via a nasty concussion. A player like Daniel Alfredsson has to play on the edge as evidenced by the Chris Pronger hit the other day on Tomas Holstrom. Has Pronger done this before? Many times and will continue to do so. I’m not saying what Alfredsson did was right, but it was a tough hockey hit and most of the top players have done it. Rick Nash smoked Scott Neidermeyer from behind in the last game of the regular season and got a 5 minute major. It happens more often than you think and most times its a fight over the puck where the player trying to get the puck is overzealous. Up here in the frozen tundra we often blame the guy who got hit not the hitter. Don Cherry said that Tomas Holstom is partly to blame for turning away and looking towards the glass. It was Tomas Kaberele’s fault for admiring his pass when Can Janssen seperated his head from his body last winter. And so it goes.
    Regarding Don Cherry, he’s a true blue Leaf fan and it will take a lot of courage for him to admit the leadership of Alfredsson. You must agree that Alfie has never played better or harder. The pass he made today to Jason Spezza was pure magic considering the hostile barn they were playing in. Alfredsson may indeed win the Conn Smythe trophy as the MVP in the playoffs. Ottawa was clearly the better team in this series as the Sabres could not get away with their loosy goosy, turnover, counter attack style. The regular season caught up with them finally.

    Regarding the search for a GM for Columbus, why does it seem again that Phoenix will get the best selection because it has probably already picked their GM. Columbus might have gotten the GM it wanted or did Phoenix?

    Regarding Doug MacLean I think he will end up doing what he does best and that is become a full time broadcaster. Doug does speak ( or b.s) very well and there’s many people in the broadcast industry that think Doug knows what he is talking about. MacLean is still dining out on the Stanley Cup Final run eleven years ago with the Florida Panthers. If he does get the gig will he mention his successes in Columbus? Remember what Doug said two weeks ago in Toronto; Columbus is .500 since the Federov trade. Its actually closer to .450 but who’s counting?

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