2007 NHL Third Round Playoff Predictions

May 11, 2007

I meant to get these up yesterday, but I’ll spare you the details and just say that it obviously didn’t work out that way.  I will state that at this time (10 AM), I have no idea who won last night’s contest.  So that in no way affects my picks, which will likely be wrong.  In the second round, I went (3-1) and brought my overall playoff prediction record to (9-3).  Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres (#1) vs. Ottawa Senators (#4)

Drew’s take: This series would have been anticipated even without the hit Chris Neil laid on Chris Drury late in the regular season and the ensuing two-game free for all.  That’s like throwing another can of frosting on the cake.  I think Buffalo will eventually wear down the Senators by being a deeper squad.  Ottawa will play tough as nails, which will extend this series to six or seven games, but in the end the Alfredsson/Spezza/Heatley line will not be enough to carry the rest of the team.

Drew’s pick: Logo BUF

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings (#1) vs. Anaheim Ducks (#2)

Drew’s take: I picked against the Wings the last round because I didn’t think they were tough enough.  Through four games of their series with San Jose, tied at 2-2, I thought I was right on track.  But Nabokov’s fatal clearing attempt off of Datsyuk’s stick that broke the tie in the game was the beginning of the end.  Detroit proved that they are tough enough and that they are in it to win it.  Anaheim overcame Roberto Luongo to dispatch the Canucks.  I won’t make the same mistake again, I’m picking Detroit to win this series and go to the Finals.

Drew’s pick: Logo DET


  1. Having wathced the last two Buffalo/Ottawa games; it is becoming clear that Buffalo cannot play the style that got them there. Buffalo is a fast, skilled and confident team until it has to play Ottawa. Where Ottawa succeeds against Buffalo is in the physical end of things which often forces Buffalo to make far too many turnovers.

    I honestly thought Buffalo was going to win in overtime on Saturday night but in the end the better team did win. Given Ottawa’s recent playoff history, particularily with the Toronto Maple Leafs who literally owned the Senators for many playoff seasons, Ottawa is clearly the frontrunner going back to their home rink to try and finish off the reeling Sabres. Also, I think Lindy Ruff is being outcoached by Brian Murray in critical situations as Ruff seems at times content with rolling four lines no matter what the circumstances. Ruff often says he has four ” number two lines” and no real top line with Drury and Briere anchoring the top lines. However Brian Murray has often matched well against these lines in most cases given that he does not have last change on the road.

    Finally, Buffalo has two obstacles to overcome: one is the habit of taking bad penalties and two, a non existent powerplay. Ottawa’s powerplay is the difference in this series and with the series going back to Ottawa, Buffalo will do very well to win at least one game on the road.

  2. Does anyone know if there are any Red Wings fans, and get togethers at bars around here for the playoff games?

    I feel like a lost Wings fan here in Columbus 🙂

    GO WINGS!!!!

    (sorry for the no Blue Jackets content)


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