Dose of Reality #47

May 9, 2007

Round 3 playoff predictions, fresh off the grill. As always, I should review my past picks and see how I did. Looks like I got them all again, but missed out on my forecast of how far each series would go. How did Drew fare?

Ottawa vs. Buffalo, Buffalo, 4-3. Ottawa did well against a not-prepared Marty Brodeur, who barely even got the Devils past Tampa Bay. This will be a tough series, no matter what platitudes the teams are now offering up to the press. I think the Sabres will win because they are faster than the Senators and will not take as many penalties as Ottawa. The only hope Ottawa has is if they pound Buffalo into the ice and come out with a bloody series win, which they are perfectly able and willing to inflict.

Anaheim vs. Detroit, Anaheim, 4-3. Detroit surprised me with their grit against San Jose. Their team discipline and intelligence was as strong as I expected, but Anaheim is even tougher, younger, and the Wings are missing Mathieu Schneider for the rest of the playoffs. It could go Detroit’s way if Anaheim takes way too many penalties and by that I mean more than a two to one ratio. If Chris Pronger gets carried away and plays out of control, it could be over in six games and the Wings will be in the Finals.

So there you have it, a Buffalo vs. Anaheim Cup. The games have been exciting, fast, and entertaining. We in Columbus could be part of a semi-championship in six years if things work out.

-Truth Serum



  1. I’ve got a day to formulate my predictions for the next round. Shouldn’t take too long.

  2. And also… don’t forget that you picked the Sharks last round just like I did. I’m not sure that qualifies you for “getting them all”.

    Just sayin’.

    It’s that kind of talk that will get you an interview for the CBJ GM position.

  3. If Doug MacLean can say that the Jackets are four games over .500 since they picked up Fedorov, I can claim to have a perfect record. Drew is correct, I picked the Sharks to beat the Wings, although I did leave myself some wiggle room by saying it was a toss-up.

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