Dose of Reality #45

April 24, 2007

Round 2 Playoff Picks

OK, how did I do in Round 1?  I got them all, even though I missed out on a few of my predictions of how long some of the series’ would go.

Buffalo vs. NY Rangers, Buffalo 4-3.  I thought Atlanta would give the Rangers a fight, but I didn’t account for their bad coaching.  And I should know better, I live in Columbus.

New Jersey vs. Ottawa, Ottawa 4-3.  I am taking a chance here.  Although I do not think that the Senators will win their next round, they have the scoring and toughness to win this series.  The Devils relied far too much on Martin Brodeur to bail them out against the Lightening, which is not a good idea against the Senators.

Detroit vs. San Jose, San Jose 4-3.  This prediction is really my toss-up.  The Wings showed their class and toughness against Calgary, but the Sharks are even tougher and, of course, better.  But if the Wings can stay healthy for this one, they may pull it out.

Anaheim vs. Vancouver, Anaheim 4-2.  Anaheim is tough and doesn’t have a glaring weakness.  Vancouver got stretched by Dallas and nearly coughed it up until finally breaking Marty Turco in game 7.

I don’t screen the comments, so let me have it.

-Truth Serum

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