Dose of Reality #42

April 11, 2007

Since Drew posted his picks and why he selected them, I thought I should do the same.

Buffalo vs. NY Islanders, Sabres 4-2. Even without Dipietro, the Islanders are not going to go quietly. This is the most one-sided series, but the Sabres need to avoid over-confidence and play through this one.

New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay, Devils, 4-1. The Bolts limped along all season and don’t have enough in the tank to beat the Devils.

Atlanta vs. NY Rangers, Rangers, 4-3. I think this will be a slugfest. Sean Avery will sink to a new low and provoke a furious response from Atlanta. Some of the old guard on the Thrashers, Holik, Mellanby, and Tkachuk are not going to back down.

Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh, Senators, 4-3. This will also be a slugfest. Although the young Penguins added Gary Roberts for toughness, the Senators have shown that they will do what it takes to win. Lots of penalties. Look for Crosby to acquire some new sutures to his face.

Detroit vs. Calgary, Red Wings, 4-3. This might be the only series that Detroit wins. They are old and tired, but Calgary is not the fearsome team they once were. Mikka Kiprusoff is the only thing standing in the way of Detroit’s advance.

Anaheim vs. Minnesota, Ducks, 4-2. The Ducks are good and they are tough. This could be it for Pronger and Selanne and they will fight to the end. I look for Anaheim to be in the finals.

Vancouver vs. Dallas, Canucks, 4-2. Vancouver is running on all cylinders right now, but Dallas will give them a battle. I don’t think the defense of the Stars can hold off power of the Canucks. Will Marty Turco have a good series? If so, it will go seven games. If not …

Nashville, vs. San Jose, Sharks, 4-2. The Sharks are cruising and the Predators are slipping. They are missing Steve Sullivan and Martin Erat. I don’t know if Peter Forsberg still has the energy to play night after night. This one might be over in five games.

-Truth Serum

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