Jacket fans nominated

April 5, 2007

At the hip new NHL FunHouse, J.P. (also of Japers’ Rink) says that if he were able, he’d nominate Jacket fans for the Masterton Trophy.

The Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey.

Apparently J.P. thinks we’ve suffered.  It’s nice to know that someone outside Ohio can recognize that while things aren’t well in the Nationwide Arena locker rooms and offices, the fans are alright.

Hop on over to the NHL FanHouse and check things out.  It’s worth your time.


  1. I’ve been in many NHL rinks over the past 40 years and frankly I really like Nationwide as a fan. I was in Detroit the other night at the “Joe” and in my opinion you have to be a real hockey fan to love that joint. Yes,it has atmosphere and perhaps the worst washrooms in the NHL. Honorable mention should go to the Igloo in Pittsburgh. But at Nationwide I rarely get worked up over the team because the rink is so nice. The ushers are nice, the zamboni driver is nice even security is nice- they asked me to come back. If I’m new to hockey and my first NHL game is at Nationwide I go in with eyes wide open. If I’m bringing the family, well there cannot be a better experience. If the team loses a lot but works hard; I’m okay with that because I had a great time at Nationwide.
    Now this is not an established NHL franchise by any stretch and even last night with almost 16,000 showing up on a week night for a meaningless season ending game, the fans got a treat with an overtime win. I’m going home singing a happy song and boy is that team ever good. They’re young, hard working and I can wait another couple of years because MacLean said so.
    So, has the true Columbus fan really suffered? If the fan came from Detroit and was used to playoffs and the occasional Stanley Cup in the last 10 or so years, well yes he’s ready to blow this team (Columbus)up. But for the novice Columbus fan who paid for tickets, a couple of jerseys, hats, etc. and is accustomed to one of the best fan experiences in the NHL, I don’t think this fan is anywhere near that upset with the team. Is the hardcore fan ready to bolt? Yes, and as far as Maclean is concerned he hopes the door hits that fan in the backside on the way out.
    Call me naive but things are not that bad in Columbus for the fair weather fan. If you live and die NHL hockey, well I’m with you to a point and I’ll ask you this question: What were you thinking when Doug made all of those promises? You should have known better by now. But for the real local fan, its all about entertainment and on that note who can complain?

  2. Good thoughts, Patrick.

    We do have some fine amenities here in Columbus. And that assuages the pain just a little.

    Perhaps that’s the problem. The local, fair weather fans are the one’s who management is listening to. “All they care about is entertainment, so let’s give ’em that and hope they don’t notice the hockey team stinks.”

    It almost says as much about the fan base as the team management.

    Also, just because a hard core fan might know what to expect from Doug MacLean doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable.

    It’s time for change.

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