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March 14, 2007

I decided it’s time to end the temporary hiatus.  I’ve got a few things rolling around in my head, and that’s what this site is for, so here we go.

  • Due to travel and other constraints, I haven’t seen the Jackets play since March 3 against Phoenix.  I did catch the overtime session against LA, but other than that I’ve not had my hockey fix.  Having read through the Dispatch recaps and those at Army of the Ohio, it looks like CGMDM is sticking his nose in things a bit too far and Alex Svitov’s return to the lineup has relegated Geoff Platt to the fourth line.  The dude (Platt) finally picks up his first NHL goal and one game later he’s playing with Jody Shelley.  I’m not saying that Platt is the next coming of Martin St. Louis or Daniel Briere, but I think his style fits the Nash/Vyborny line better than does Svitov’s (who’s not exactly Todd Bertuzzi / Jason Arnott in his prime, either).  It seems as though CGMDM believes that just because Svitov is paid around twice as much as Platt, that he’s twice as good (or at least he will get twice as much opportunity to make Dougie look smart).  If Platt fails, it’s a cheap gamble.  But if Svitov fails, it’s a more expensive mistake.  And we all know that MacLean doesn’t make mistakes, so Svitov is going to play (a lot) until he’s either 1) worth his contract, or 2) his contract is expired.  I hope Freddy Modin doesn’t mind (since he’s stuck here, too).
  • Last night I was able to confirm that Truth Serum is real, and not a hockey-knowledgeable figment of the internet.  We got together and talked (okay, mostly he talked but his stories are much better than mine) for a few hours about hockey, the Blue Jackets, the site, etc.  Most of the people I see on a daily basis are at best casually interested in hockey.  It was enlightening to be able to sit with someone who obviously grew up with the game and has stuck with it at many levels throughout adulthood.  I think that there are some good things coming down the road at the End of the Bench, and Truth will be a vital part of these projects.
  • Baseball is coming up right around the corner, and I’m moderately excited.  The Reds look to have a decent combination of pitching, defense, and offense.  At this point it’s hard not to think that they could be contending in September.
  • College basketball is in the home stretch, as the NCAA tournament starts tomorrow afternoon.  The field seems pretty wide open with any of four to eight teams being legitimate contenders, including the Buckeyes.  Regardless of the outcome, two of the greatest days of the year for sporting events are this Thursday and Friday.  Thirty-two games in two days, all on television, and every one of them means something.  Grab your seat in front of the tube early, and plan to have your heart (and bracket) broken by some 12-seed.

The Jackets play tonight in Anaheim, radio only.  Friday at San Jose and Saturday at LA.  Then a stop in Detroit next Thursday before they make it home on Sunday the 25th.  As was reported in the Dispatch yesterday, it’s likely that Columbus will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs sometime in the next week.  But everyone here (and, well… everywhere) knows the lights were dimming by the end of November, and they were turned off during the six game homestand in February.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.



  1. Just FYI, according to James Mirtle’s site, the BlueJackets were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs days, if not weeks ago.

  2. Ah, Jess? Until the Flames win one and the Jackets lose one (or the Flames win two more, or the Jackets lose two more), they’re not mathematically eliminated.

    The Jackets have 63 points with 12 games to go. So in theory, if they ran the table, they’d finish with 87. The Flames currently have 84 points, and could feasibly lose their last 12 games without another team in the conference between them and Columbus (Edmonton, Colorado, St. Louis). Even factoring in “4 point games” between Colorado and Calgary, they only have two left between the teams, meaning Colorado could theoretically lose all but those two games, and still be 4 points out.

    So, yeah. Don’t mind me.

  3. Jessica,

    I know to what you are referring. And that’s a playoff estimation that James has put together stating that if a Western Conference team can hit 95 points, they’re in. The Jackets have been out of that race for a while now, but as no one knows for certain exactly how many points it will take, I used the mathematics.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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