Quiet weekend at EOB

March 9, 2007

Not that any other weekend is all that boisterous here at the End of the Bench, but I can warn you ahead of time that you’re likely to hear crickets chirping over the next two days.  I’ll be running in the 29th Annual Beer Bottle Open in my (original) hometown of Columbus Grove, Ohio.  Here’s to hoping it’s not four miles of sloppy rain.

The Jackets do have a couple of games in the next few days, first taking on the Dallas Stars tonight at 7 PM in Nationwide.  Having won the two meetings in Dallas, the Jackets have an opportunity tonight to win the season series if they get a point tonight.  It’s unclear at this time if Wings fans Mr. & Mrs. EOB, Sr. will allow the lowly Blue Jackets on their TV screen.  If not, cheer on the team for me (and swear when things go bad).

On Saturday night the squad heads south to the Gaylord Entertainment Center to take on the Nashville Predators for the last time this season.  Having earned one point from the Preds in seven games, I’m just hoping it stays close.  Nashville (along with quite a few other teams in the NHL) really seems to have our number this year, but it would be nice (from a ‘moral victory’ standpoint) to close the season series out with a victory.  Faceoff at 8 PM.

Stay tuned to the usual suspects, Army of the Ohio, The Jacket Times, and The Neutral Zone Trap for your CBJ news.  See you on Monday.

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