Weekend reading list

March 2, 2007

Hat tip to Truth Serum, here are some links for you to browse over the weekend.

From the USA Today, we have Anaheim GM Brian Burke’s diary of the trade deadline.

From the Globe and Mail, we have Eric Duhatschek detailing what the deadline sellers actually got in return.

Both pieces provide some insight into the world of an NHL general manager.

Weekend hockey

The Jackets play tonight at Dallas, and tomorrow in Phoenix.  I’m not expecting much, but I’ll probably watch at least some of the games if I’m home.  I’m a sucker.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  We had a lot of visitors in the last seven days (over 800 since last Friday for one of our biggest weeks ever), and I want to thank everyone for stopping by.  I don’t produce the content here for the purpose of making money (as evidenced by no ads) or even with the main intention of attracting readers.  I write for myself, and the people that come here are an added benefit.  The conversations that are carried on in the occassional comments, and the thoughts you provoke are a great byproduct of this site.  Basically, a big thank you goes out to everyone who stops by.  I appreciate it.  Come back soon.

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