Jackets pay $2.5 million for future fifth-round draft pick

February 23, 2007

Please ignore the obvious inconsistencies in the title, I’m trying to make a little joke with flawed math.

As found at NHL.com, winger Anson Carter was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes for a fifth-round draft pick in the 2008 draft.  Signed late in the off-season by CGMDM to protect against Nikolai Zherdev not being available, Carter has underperformed this season while scoring (10-17-27) in 56 games.  At times Carter was a high energy winger who could score the dirty goal.  As I noted in the last post, it seems that maybe management has seen another side of Anson’s game, as he was routinely relegated to fourth-line duty with Jody Shelley.

It’s been widely known for weeks that Carter would not likely see February 28th in a Jackets uniform, and today the book closed on this particular chapter in Anson’s career.  This is the seventh time Carter has been traded.

The question for Jackets fans right now is who takes that roster spot?  Curtis Glencross (acquired from Anaheim a month or so ago) was recalled from Syracuse and participated in the pregame skate before sitting in the press box as a healthy scratch.  I’ve got to believe he’ll get his opportunity to prove he can play on the fourth line.

With Carter ($2.5 million) gone and defenseman Bryan Berard ($2.5 million) also likely gone either this weekend or season’s end at latest, there is $5 million in salary cap room freed up to try and make the team better.  As of this minute, the fabled Fredrik Modin contract extension has not been signed so it remains to be seen what fraction of this relief will be taken by Modin’s new deal or if he’ll re-sign at all.

Though he likely didn’t want to make the hire, having Ken Hitchcock on board has probably extended Doug MacLean’s tenure in Columbus for at least another year.  This offseason will be critical for CGMDM to prove to Columbus fans and the ownership group that he’s not just a smooth talker and can actually produce results.

I can’t help but smile when a scout’s comments are published in the Dispatch and say, “Then there’s (Alexander) Svitov. … Sometimes this front office doesn’t want to admit when they made a mistake. They feel like if they play them long enough, it’ll work itself out. That filters through the room and leaves a bad taste.”  If the front office can’t admit that a second or third line center is a mistake, what makes anyone think they’ll admit that their GM is a mistake?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I like that taste.

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  1. Your headline says it all.
    OBTW – If you do a draft event, I’ll find a way to make it.

  2. We will be doing the event. Details or relative vagueness on the issue will be coming in the next month or so.

  3. Although I like what Modin brings to the Jackets, seeing what Atlanta gave up for Tkachuk kind of makes me hope he gets traded, if the Jackets could pick up a decent prospect or somewhat high pick in return. Hell, if he wants to be in Columbus badly enough, he can always pull a Weight and sign here in the summer.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Picard up for the rest of the season. If nothing else, maybe he could finally get that first NHL point before the end of this year. Adam Pineault is another guy I’d like to get a look at.

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