The fan/team relationship

February 16, 2007

Based on the stats package here at WordPress, I can tell that a few of you that stop by here occasionally drop on over to A Theory of Ice.  E, the writer there, is a prolific (both in quantity and quality) wordsmith and when I have time to sit and digest, I too find myself reading the site.

Today I happened to be perusing the archives, and I found this gem: On Fanaticism.  Written in late November, I missed this one the first time around.  Taking it in now, there is one thing in particular I wanted to highlight for the EOB readers that I think is particularly true.  If you read nothing else of this article (and I sincerely hope you do), take this with you:

But amongst themselves, late at night and in friendly company, they will speak of the hard times, the injury-plagued seasons, losing streaks, bad trades, as though these were the dark ages of their own lives, their own struggles. This, they say, is the time when we carried the team, when we still came to games and cheered again and again even as the losses mounted, even as the press howled, even as the players themselves seemed to give up all hope of success. We held. We remembered. And this, too, ultimately is a source of pride, just as the recovery from an illness or an addiction becomes a source of joy once the dangers have passed.

I don’t usually quote such long passages, but I think that entire section is very important for Blue Jacket fans right now.  Times are tough, and frustration is mounting.  But remember that you go to games or watch them on television because you love hockey.  At this moment in time, we have the privilege of watching professional hockey in our town.  Continue to support your team, and we’ll all be the better for it when the clouds break. 

It’s especially true in this day of free agency, but we’re no longer cheering for players, coaches, GM’s, or owners.  Do yourself a favor, head over to A Theory of Ice.  Read the article and prepare for the days when we can share our team’s successes with the world.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.


  1. because you love hockey.

    Well said.

  2. Wow…very well put…

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