Dose of Reality #32

February 16, 2007

Dose of Reality

What specifically makes Doug MacLean a bad GM? Since I just received assurance that my homeowner’s policy is good, I’ll throw a few thoughts out there. I won’t even get into MacLean’s ego, cronyism, arrogance, or his temper tantrums. I’ll just focus on hockey.

1. Ken Hitchcock. Hitchcock is not evidence that he is bad, but his hiring illustrates why MacLean is not a good GM. Remember, he wanted to hire Gary Agnew, no other candidates need apply. Ownership said wait a minute, not so fast, and forced him to look at other candidates, including Andy Murray, the recent hire in St. Louis. A few years ago, when the team was searching for a coach to replace the departed Doug MacLean, they didn’t even give Bob Hartley the time of day. Our loss is Atlanta’s gain. Do you want to go into how MacLean picks the assistants for the head coach?

2. Draft Picks. Nash, Klesla, Leclaire, Zherdev, Fritsche, and Tollefsen. It is too early to make a call on Brule. That is a seven-year list and it is made up of only six names. For a guy who always gets to pick at the front of the line, that is not a good record.

3. Poor choice and utilization of players. Lets take two names and discuss. First, Ray Whitney. First, let me quote Central Scouting:

Assets: Has elusive moves. Plays well coming down his off-wing and likes to set up from the side of the net on the power play. Anticipates the play well.
Flaws: Will always be small and light, which makes him susceptible to long-term injuries. Still needs to work more in the defensive zone.
Career Potential: Top Six Winger

When Whitney played here, who did Columbus have that could work with him? Your time is up, because the answer is nobody. What good is Ray Whitney if you can’t find anyone to help and support him? We expected him to put up 50 goals and play at a +50 pace, which does not happen in Columbus. And if you remember, we put Whitney out on the penalty kill.

Next, Todd Marchant. I won’t go into his permanent record, but he is known as a defensive center and strong skater, but not as an offensive threat. Doug signed him to a Fedorov-like contract to get fifteen goals a year?

Don’t forget the 2002 season when the team did not have an NHL back-up and Marc Denis played 77 games! You could smell the burning flesh two blocks away from Nationwide on that burnout.

Scott Lachance

4. Players that got away. See Francois Beauchemin, Ray Whitney, Kevyn Adams, Darryl Sydor, Todd Marchant, Dwayne Roloson, and Petteri Nummelin.

5. His record as GM, 139-216-33-22, not including this season.

Add in the worthless PSL’s, and I’m going to cry.

– Truth Serum


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  1. I’ll give you one or more reason to assume that MacLean is not a top notch GM: The Federov trade. Brian Burke owes Doug big time in terms of the cap room and the fact Feds is used up. I can only say that Doug is not the best developer of players. He tends to give jobs out rather than have the player earn his keep. Even Crosby had to find his way in Pittsburgh. NOt surprised that Nash is having a hard time to score. Doug has spoon fed this kid since day one. Ironically Hitch had Nash in the Turin Olympics when Nash played and stumbled for Canada. And LeClaire has always been fragile though talented. Brule’s situation is plain and simple a mess.

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