Dose of Reality #29

January 27, 2007

Dose of Reality

I went to Nationwide Arena last night and a hockey game broke out! Was it fun last night? The place was full of Buffalo Sabres fans and many of them had the advantage of drinking large amounts of adult beverages during their five-hour bus ride. The Buffalo people, the ones that I observed, were not obnoxious, not shouting obscenities, and fully supportive of their beloved Sabres. That means that they booed anyone and anything that had Blue Jackets on it, because they were there to cheer on their team. It was their duty.

I read in The Dispatch that some of the Buffalo fans in the upper bowl were throwing beer and I must say that I am skeptical about that. I know people from Buffalo, and believe me, they drink their beer. Beer is important to them and it is not for throwing.

During the past few days, I have been corresponding with other hockey bloggers and fans about the dismal state of the game and the state of hockey in Columbus. Last night, my faith was renewed. That was what going to a hockey game was all about.

The Jackets came out slow, but most teams look slow against Buffalo. Since this was the first game after the All-Star break, both teams were well rested, but the Blue Jackets had more energy in the third period. The home team overcame two power play goals to score two even-strength goals and win. I know that Adam Foote played like he developed a new definition of roughing, but the team got through his foolishness and once again gave us a peek at what might have been.

It would be great if the rest of the home season could capture the emotion and energy of last night. Cheering for the home team, yelling at the officials, booing the visitors, and even calling out a Blue Jacket when he does something selfish and detrimental. I doubt if very many Minnesota fans will make the 650-mile plus trip to Columbus tonight, but Columbus fans can still show the team that they can be counted on. Screaming at Detroit doesn’t count, though, because most fans in Columbus think that the whole state of Michigan are UM fans. They have other loyalties, too. But can you imagine Nationwide if the Penguins came to town a couple of times each season?

I can’t wait for tonight! If the team can play as well as it did last night and the fans support the team like they did last night, it will be a great experience. That is not an indictment of the Blue Jacket fans, because they haven’t had much to get excited about. I hope the players found out that their fans are starved for good hockey and will really show their appreciation when they see it. Yes, it was good for them, too.

– Truth Serum

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